Sunday, December 1, 2013

Traditions have begun...

It is December first and the beginning of many wonderful new and old traditions! I am so happy to be able to continue some of my childhood traditions with my babies, like Santa, advent calendar and choosing our Christmas tree! Our new traditions are just as exciting and I am not sure if I enjoy them more or the kids!

It began with the yearly trip to the mountains to pick out our tree!

He hasn't seen much snow in his little was fun to play with.

We chose the most beautiful one on the farm!

The monumental task of getting it inside the house!

Back over to Mamie and Pops' house to help decorate the family tree!

Next, it was time to tackle the tree and holiday decor in our home!

A new tradition in our household is our elves "on the shelf"... Dash is very naughty and gets into a lot of mischief while keeping an eye on his assignment, Sebastian!

Tinsel is more of a lady and likes to watch her assignment in a more proper fashion!

I have really been looking forward to the 24 nights of book reading! Our first book was selected from the basket and we read it by the tree. Paisley really enjoyed playing with the paper!

Sebastian was present but refused a picture...boys!

Paisley finds the tree quite fascinating.

Lastly, for now, we begin the lighting of the advent candles with dinner each night...a tradition I enjoyed as a child.

I have one more tradition I am beginning this year but I cannot elaborate until it happens because I want it to remain a surprise 😋

What traditions do you continue to carry on?

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  1. LOVE all the pics!! Sad we missed all the fun, see you guys soon :)