Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wesley's Coming Home Weekend...(picture overload)

I have a LOT of catching up to do on blogging, unfortunately, Sebastian has not been cooperating and letting Mama have ANY quiet time at night to work on anything! We have had quite a few bad nights recently, I feel as though I have a newborn again.

Anyway, over labor day weekend, we made the long trip down to Florida to see precious little Wesley home from the hospital! The flight wasn't too bad and Sebastian slept most of the way there. I was so excited to hold a tiny baby again that I was ready to be there already! Aunt Kristyn was excited to see Sebastian...who she had not seen since he was five months old...BIG change there with my little walking man. We enjoyed a LOT of good family time before the Home Coming party on Sunday. Wesley was a champ and stayed in a fairly good mood the entire weekend! He smiles a ton...I am so jealous! We had a lovely family dinner on Friday...Sebastian loved the pizza, thank you Uncle Patrick!

Was unsure at first but then loved him!

Saturday, we spent getting ready for the party and just hanging out and enjoying all the cute babies! I had a lot of fun comparing the two little boys...Sebastian loved playing with all of Wesley's toys...he told Aunt Kristyn which ones were good and which ones were a tad bit boring.

During dinner on Saturday, Sebastian gave me quite a scare...we were eating mashed potatoes, pork and bread rolls and he had finished eating and was happily giving the dog all his leftovers when all of the sudden he looked up at me with that look of horror on his face. His eyes were watering and he was drooling profusely...still grunting and had a raspy breathing pattern, so off the alarm went. I knew he was in trouble...I quickly flung the tray off his seat and pulled him up out of the chair wacking him on the back all the while. Mamie rushed over from the other table started to help. He wasn't turning blue yet, but I could hear the food stuck and him struggling to breathe. We moved him to the sink and gave more firm back blows to try to clear it. After a few minutes of trying with no success, we called for an ambulance. It felt like an eternity before he made one final wretch and gurggled swallow to clear whatever it was that was lodged in his throat. I knew he was alright when he reached for me to hold him and nestled his face in my shoulder. We called to cancel the ambulance and I stripped him down for a bath to calm him down. The paramedics and police showed up anyway and did a full check on him to ensure his vitals were ok and lungs sounded clear. It took them three minutes to get to the house from the time we called. The one police officer said he was driving upwards of 140 mph to make it there. They said they all had babies under a year old and knew how important every second was. Thank you, Davie firefighters and police officers for your quick response...thank God he cleared whatever it was, we still have no idea since he was done eating and merely playing around in his chair. By the way, all of this happened while Jonathan was not with me too, he was visiting his family in Melbourne, FL.

After the event filled evening of Saturday, we were a lot more cautious with food...he wants to try everything and I guess we forget that he is only 10 months old, he is big enough to be a 2 year old but he isn't.
Sunday was the party day!!! We prepared and decorated and cooked and then welcomed everyone! Wesley was dressed to the T's and Sebastian was on his best behavior. The party was a hit, we really had a lot of fun.

Our flight was scheduled to leave out at 7pm on Monday so we spent the day hanging out with Kristyn, Patrick and Wesley. We decided to take a few pictures with both boys in their jerseys of their FAVORITE football team! They were so cute, Sebastian was so gentle and sweet to Wesley when we plopped him in his lap. He was actually patting his head and back at one point, ADORABLE! He will make a great big brother one day!


They are only five months apart!

Hello Big Boy!!!
Our flight was delayed but only by a little bit, with the DNC being held in Charlotte, NC starting the day we were flying back, we were expecting ciaos. It was a wonderful visit with our wonderful family...we wish you lived closer Uncle Patrick and Aunt Kristyn and little Wesley. I think Sebastian and Wesley will be great cousins when they get older!!!