Thursday, May 21, 2015

Milo's First Haircut

Well, I did it! Against a lot of advice, I went ahead and took Milo to get a nice clean cut. His hair was not that terribly long but it had started to cover his ears and he was getting a very defined rat tail. I actually went to the salon to have Sebastian's hair trimmed and when he was finished, we were the only ones there and it was the perfect atmosphere for Milo's first cut. 

 Before the cut, I tried adding gel to it but after every nap it just became an afro. 

So... We had it trimmed up a bit and it doesn't look much different but his ears and neck are nice and clean. We are going to a wedding in Alabama this weekend so we all have to look our best.

Btw, he loved the whole process! That fire truck was a huge hit.

This morning it looked nice a tidy and tame :)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

9 months old OMG, Milo!

If I could describe the perfect temperament for a baby, Milo would fit it perfectly! He is just such a sweetheart and somehow he has already made it to 9 months old! Where, oh where has the time gone?!?

He is crawling, he has been for a week or so. Although, he would much rather be walking and is pulling up on everything!

He LOVES to eat! Pasta and Cheerios are currently his favorite but pretty much anything we are eating, he wants to eat. I don't let him have any meat yet, per the pediatrician's recommendation. He will not drink from a bottle or cup yet, we have tried a dozen different kinds and I'm trying to stay hopeful. He still nurses about 5-6 times a day and gets all his hydration that way. No teeth yet, not even buds.

He does not sleep through the night! If only I were that lucky, lol. I am sure I could push the issue but I don't really care that much, he gets me up at about 2am every morning and nurses back to sleep til 6am. I'm okay with our arrangement. 

His best friends are still Sebastian and Paisley, they adore him and he adores them! They are the unstoppable trio!

He still wears size 9 months clothes. His last check-up was around 7 1/2 months and he was on the smaller size but he makes up for it with a big personality. He happily keeps up with his wild brother and sister and our life would be no where near complete without our little Milo! So blessed and thankful to have this little surprise in our life! So, so grateful to be his mommy forever!

Watching soccer.

Pretty adorable passport photo.

Chillin with his Aunt.

The troublemakers.

Cutest boy bathing suit ever!

Loves water and Pop and Mamie's pool.

Loves helping mommy in the kitchen.

Story time.

Let's his sister do his hair.

Snuck ice cream from his brother.

Trying to figure out this walking stuff.

Always together.. I will admit I have a secret obsession with dressing the boys alike.

So blessed these three are mine!

Oh yeah, he loves watermelon too!

Happy, happy 9 months sweet baby boy!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Putt Putt 2015

I know someday soon I will make time to blog as frequently as I once was. For now, just know these three babies are keeping me busy and a busy life is a happy one. 

We visited our local putt putt for some evening fun today. Paisley really enjoyed her purple ball 😀

Sebastian went with good ole blue...

We dragged out wonderful cousins and Aunt and Uncle out with us.

This little 9 MONTH OLD sat so happily in Jessa's stroller.