Friday, December 6, 2013

Jingle Bell Train

Well, as I mentioned in a previous post, we were invited to go on a Christmas train ride with a Kindergarden class today. Emma and Lilly were going with their teacher so we decided to tag along and enjoy some more Christmas spirit. I am positive we will not make this particular outing a yearly tradition but it was nice to say we tried it :) 

The ride was extremely short and at a slugs pace...we waited longer on the platform then the whole ride lasted. Definitely needs some improvements to earn our return. Sebastian enjoyed seeing the train though, and was in heaven being able to spend the whole day with his cousins!

Can't possibly get them all to look at once!

Always in boots!

The train was very late so we all took turns occupying the impatient babies. 

This one is content as long as she is being held!

Finally, our train is here!

The very tight seating...guess it's a good thing it was a short ride.

Sebastian managed to fit his tiny hips between Katelynn and I.

Paisley entertained herself by rummaging through Aunt Kate's purse.

Sebastian took pictures of himself...good ones too!

When I asked him to "cheese" this is what I got! I really wish I had voluptuous lips like his...and his eyes!!!

That's the best one I could get!

He was enjoying watching himself in the camera.

Miss Emma, such a beautiful girl all dressed up.

Couldn't get this one to smile.

So, since our train ride was a little less than thrilling we decided to hit up Chuck E' Cheese for lunch!

Trying to get out of her high chair.

The kids had a blast! Afterwards we continued our play date at my house.

We had a wrapping party...

Then headed outside to enjoy the beautiful (uncharacteristic) 80 degree weather!

Taco Bell for dinner and then settled down for our nightly book and a movie.

Sweet dream and happy weekend! We're thinking about Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens or Fort Mill Christmas Festivities tomorrow :)

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