Monday, August 15, 2011

Piglet and Pooh are on the wall!!!

Winnie and Piglet

     We have Pooh and Piglet on the wall in the nursery! My mom was finally able to come over and get some paint on the has been such a busy summer that we haven't had much time to get some characters on the wall in the nursery! We made huge progress in two days...last Saturday and again tonight Mom and I worked on the painting.

Mom already finished sketching and now working on the details! I painted the base colors :)

That's the sign that will say "100 Aker Woods"

The bee!

The sketch of Pooh's House!

Pooh and his Balloon...chased by bees!

The fence all detailed out...Piglet is next :)

The lion doll that Mom made for the baby! So cute!

Well that is a quick update...more to come!