Thursday, July 28, 2011

Baby Bump

The baby bump is visible, I have had many comments about the lack of a baby bump which is actually a great compliment :) but it is there, I just have been able to disguise it/hide it very well. I am not really trying to, my clothing choices just help with it. Most people say it is hardly there but then there are a few that let out that fabulous compliment of "Wow! You are huge!" gotta love that one!

He is in there and growing fast! I barely had a bump up until 5 to 5 1/2 months. I am now 26 weeks along and he is clearly a basketball in my abdomen.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Baby Shower

Little Man's Baby Shower!!!

Kelly, Kristyn and Mom threw me and the little guy a fabulous baby shower this past Saturday! The decorations went up smoothly, the cake was beautiful, the gifts were very plentiful, and the company was fabulous! This little guy is going to be very warmly welcomed into this world!

Kelly getting ready!

Kristyn staying busy!

The ceiling decorations!

THE GIFTS, OMG, we had so many gifts...I can tell we are loved and this little guy is going to be spoiled!

Jonathan finished helping with the heavy lifting and then was off for some MAN TIME with the boys!

Dory got to stay at the party and be spoiled as well, Sawyer went with Jonathan (no boys allowed)!

Munching on some fruits and veggies!

Sitting around the cake and talking!

Lilly found the cheese...she was such a great server!

The cake! So cute, the shoes are an ornament that we can use for his first Christmas!

Lilly was such a great helper when I was opening gifts! She checked for cards and even opened a few when I wasn't looking...the perks of being four!

I don't know why I look puzzled here...deep in thought I guess!

Victoria, Louetta and Megan!

Denise, Michelle, Allison, Cristin, and Katelynn!

We had such a great time and got just about EVERYTHING we will need to raise the little man! Mamie was the biggest for babies is just too much fun! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR COMING AND CELEBRATING WITH US! WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!

A special Thanks to Kelly for planning it all and setting it all up...I know it was difficult!
Thank you Kristyn for flying up from Florida to be here for it!
Thank you Mom for already loving our little man so very much!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby Shower Prep & More Nursery

Kristyn is flying into town tomorrow night...very exciting, since it is the only time she can visit before our little one arrives, SO we are having the baby shower this Saturday! I am actually very excited to be having it early because I am at the stage in my pregnancy where I still feel good and not totally too big to even move. Kelly and Mom have been feverishly planning and plotting for a fun filled few hours of all baby BOY!

If I know my mom, and I know her pretty well, she has gone overboard but that's why I LOVE HER! She is going to spoil this little man beyond belief! The first grandson, how could she not!?!

Mom also came over to look at the nursery and plot out the detail painting of Winnie and his friends on the wall...we came up with some wonderful 3D ideas and planned out who was going to be on which walls. I can't wait to show everyone the progress and see the finished product...Our little man is going to love to be in his room!

Well, that's all the update I have for now but more to come :) And plenty of pictures of the Baby Shower!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Very annoying Robin

So what do you do when you work in an office lined by windows that go floor to ceiling and when what usually is a nice view of bushes becomes a pecking Robin's heaven? I have a bird problem! Yes, it is a gorgeous little bird...yes, I am usually very fond of birds and yes, I love to watch them chirp and fly and peck all around my house BUT peck at my office window from 7:30am till its well past closing....I THINK NOT! She sits at the bottom of my windows and pecks and pecks and pecks and flies at them and taps on them and scratches at them for hours on end! She never quits, she never gets the hint, she NEVER goes away!

I have tried lining the window with paper in the hopes that it would block her refection...NOPE!
I have tried scaring her away but she just loves seeing my face apparently!
I have tried tapping back!
I have tried throwing crumbs of food at her in the hopes that she would eat and run!
NOTHING WORKS!!! I can't concentrate, focus or formulate a thought with the constant pecking ringing in my ears. Even my receptionist, who sits a whole office away, can hear her tapping on the window endlessly.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More on the Nursery!!!

So, it is not complete yet but its slowly getting is so much fun to pick things out and find things and then finally get to see it all come together! Our upstairs has been a storage facility for the last few weeks and it was driving me husband and I are those type of people that can't stand anything out of its place so to have our entire upstairs a complete mess for that long nearly led to both of us having heart attacks. It felt so good to use the vacuum cleaner see the floor spotless!

So here is some of our cleaning/assembling/organizing process:

The curtains...I am in the process of making new sheers for underneath them...I think they need to be blue, our little man needs some blue in his room :)

Jonathan assembling the crib, we had to run out to Lowes and get a new wing nut...the one that came with the crib was stripped...don't we love when that happens!

The onlookers were allowed in the room this time...I bribed them with bones though to keep them quiet and out of the way.

Working on all those nuts and bolts!

My very handsome husband hard at work!

Using all those fabulous God given muscles!

My adorable little puppy! Waiting patiently for Mama to pay attention to him and stop taking pictures!

Finally gave up and curled up next to me instead! Such a precious little guy!

Trying to be helpful but just busy taking pictures instead...actually, I helped a lot with the assembly, you need someone good reading all the directions!

Look how handsome that guy happy I stole him all for myself...he is sitting on the little window bench we put together! Adorable and fits perfectly under the window!

The finished crib, I think it turned out really great...just need a mattress now!

The bench with some books and Clifford hanging out in it!

The crib with the mobile and Mr. Winnie the Pooh!!!

The armoire, hamper, and changing table! I love my rug...I had to order it special but I think it looks great, it adds some white to the very colorful room...AND its UBER SOFT!

The semi finished product...we still have some painting to go and a few more finishing touches, like a mattress, but it is starting to come together...I love it!