Sunday, April 29, 2012

A teeth!!!

This post is a tad delayed, my BABY has a tooth, two in fact!!! He looks so funny when he smiles! They broke through at the beginning of the week...I have been trying to snap a picture of them ever since. I finally, FINALLY caught one!

Attempt #1 ....I made him laugh while Daddy snapped the pictures!

Attempt #2 can kinda see them on the bottom there...

Attempt #3 ....not quite!

Attempt #4 ....another failed attempt!

Attempt #5 FINALLY GOT IT....ok, so its hard to see but they are there, two on the bottom!!!

Soooooo darn cute!!! He was having a sorta, kinda funky hair day! Its wild and crazy but I don't know, adorable at the same time!

We spent some much needed time outdoors today, it rained all day Saturday and this morning but it has been gorgeous all afternoon.

We couldn't be out for too long cause my lil guy has that pale, pale skin and hair just like Mommy...He was looking lightlt toasted after only a few minutes, we enjoyed it while we could though!

Sporting some stylish sunglasses!!!

We're headed out for dinner now....more updates to come on this little bundle of joy!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Relay for Life, Make-a-Wish Weekend

It was our community fundraising weekend in Boone! We started on Friday with the Relay for Life, raising money for Cancer research! The theme of our tent with the Chi Omega Sorority of Appalachian State University was Harry naturally, since I was bringing the cutest little mascot in the whole world...he had to dress up like the Harry Potter!

OMG!!! Have you ever seen such a cute Harry Potter impersonator in your life?!?

We had to make a last minute trip to Wal-Mart for some supplies...we turned a lot of heads because our costume was soo accurate!

Sebastian aka Harry Potter, walked the survivor's lap with Aunt Kelly!!! Last year, I was pregnant with the little man during last year's Relay!

It was a good lap!

Harry did not make it all the way through the night but it was ok!

We sold 190 bags of popcorn and Butterbeer (a classic Hogwarts drink). The Chi Omega team raised more than a $1000.00 for Cancer research and the school exceeded its goal of $50,000.00 before the night even kicked off! It was a successful night!!!

The next morning, we met up with Aunt Kelly to get some much needed breakfast at a local joint.

Sebastian enjoyed the Big Boy chair...and the hash browns.

After breakfast we headed over to the Chi Omega Make-a-Wish fundraising Shrimp Boil. The shrimp was quite tasty, a tad spicy but very tasty! We did not stay super long due to thunder and lots of rain, but we enjoyed being out for a GREAT cause!

We played around with the hotel amenities Saturday night! Oh so fabulous, don't you think?

We wanted to participate in the March for Dimes this morning, but due to weather....we had to pass on walking in the rain!
We were happy to finally get home and unpack!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

6 Month Check-Up

Sebastian had his 6 Month Check-Up appointment on Tuesday :) My baby is getting so old! He did very well...He weighed in at 18 lbs 13 ozs and is at the 75th percentile for head circumference and weight and the 60th percentile for height, so needless to say, he is guna be a BIG boy.

The doctor could not stop remarking on how incredibly different he was acting from his 4 month check-up. "He's in a good mood!" was the first thing he said when he walked in the room. He was also very impressed with his sitting up skills. He sits up at a higher level than his peers so we are ahead there, however...this kid refuses to roll over! He hates being on his stomach and just buries his face in the blanket and wails for 15 minutes! Dr. Craig said not to force it since he is doing so well at sitting up and reaching and playing that he's just not a roll over guy!

"Yeah Ma! So stop putting me in that horrible position!"
The good Doctor also thinks he will cut some teeth soon...I am hoping those are delayed since this baby refuses to let me replace even one feeding with solid food. He is still a full time nurser, which I hear is also ok. We will begin the serious weening down on the feedings around 9 months, until then, we will just keep introducing foods to see what will finally make him give up his milk addiction.

FUN FACT: Children who are on breast milk through 12 months of age are less picky eaters when they get older due to the ever evolving taste of natural breast milk. Formula fed babies get used to the same flavor and can become less likely to try new flavors when they get older.

After a successful 6 month exam, it was time for those dreaded immunizations! What a good mood ruiner! Sebastian thought he could charm the nurse into faking them...

Please none of those pointy, sharp things in my chunky thighs!
He was none to happy to find out his charming didn't work. We left the doctor's office with tears streaming down our cheeks but Mama saved the day with some of her delicious milk in the car before we got back on the road. My poor little guy has been down since then though, he just hasn't gotten back to his normal self yet. Some Tylenol and some TLC have helped but he is just a bit droopy still.

On another note, we are trying to get Sebastian used to Cheerios/Gerber puffs/rice crispies and we just can't get passed the texture...he retches every time. It's guna be a challenge...we will keep trying!

Happy 1/2 Year birthday, baby! We love you!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Full of Firsts!!!

It has been a weekend of firsts for little Sebastian...We started with his first time drumming. He watched Mama do it once or twice and then worked it like a pro!

Next, he went right on into his first time knocking over Mama's tower of blocks! Again, a natural pro at being destructive.

Then, we decided to take the leap and get a pair of bikes to make our walks a tad bit more interesting. We found ones we both liked and the adventure began! Jonathan and Sebastian had to assemble the baby seat!

It's too cute to watch them do stuff together! Once it was assembled correctly, we were ready to get on the road!

His helmet weighed more than his head but it was ok.

He did so well on his first bike ride, ever!
We stopped at the neighborhood park to use the swings and he went down the slide for the first time!

We had to make fun of Daddy cause his hips wouldn't fit in the slide!
We ended the night and weekend with Sebastian getting his first ever scrape. I guess one booboo for a weekend full of firsts is ok.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Six Months Old Today!!!

It is Sebastian's 6 month birthday today!!! I cannot believe he is already 6 months feels like I just had him yesterday. We celebrated his 6 month half birthday by spending some quality time together. He woke us up bright and early at 6:45am, apparently he is not yet aware of sleeping in Saturday mornings.

Just look at that marvelous hair!!!

We tried to wear him out a bit with some playing, but he was going strong...wild man hair and all!

So, we tamed the mane, put on some handsome man clothes and headed out to stroll around the city.

He was all smiles as we walked all throughout the mall!

We had good fun in the carseat as well...

Such a cutie pie!!! The most adorable little boy in the whole world!!!
I may be bias but, I don't think so!!!

I leave you with this adorable picture of the little man in his warm coat, we had to pull it out the other night when it dropped to 48 degrees!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter and My Little Playmate

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend...we really enjoyed the time off work and classes! We ventured out to Squirrel Lake Park on Friday morning for a 3 mile walk along a paved path, so wonderful. The weather was beautiful, slighlty breezy and in the 70s...perfect! Sebastian was alseep when we arrived and slept through most of the walk in his stroller. We finished the day with everyone over at our house for a cookout in the pictures, sorry I was busy cooking :)

Saturday, we spent most of the day outdoors as well. We were enjoying all the green foilage and our lawn (which won't be green once the rain starts to get more and more sparce). We planted a few flowers, went on another walk, ENJOYED the fabulous weather!

I love flowers!!! I love that my little guy loves to be outside, we will be able to garden together when he gets older.

Sunday morning, this is what my child's hair looked like...

What a job taming that turned out to be! BUT, its ok, he was cutified!!!

Look at my handsome boys in their polo shirts...I had a matching polo for Jonathan, but he decided to wear it earlier in the week and so he messed up all my, what can you do.

Hanging with Uncle Sam before the Easter Egg Hunt. He got a little bit of sun over the holiday weekend, his cheeks are bit rosey-ier and his eyebrows have disappeared just like Mommy's!
It was a wonderful Easter weekend!!!

On another note, my little handsome man is becoming quite the playmate...this is the happiest he has ever been and he just wants to PLAY!!! All that he wants is to have me sitting by his side, to catch him in case he falls, while he figures out how every little toy works!

He is very big in playing on the floor with our doggie friend and fake steering wheel.

He became a little boy overnight!

I am certain that this child produces more drool than I produce breastmilk.

He just thinks it is hilarious! I feel like I lost all of my college education since having a baby...I am singing along with Wonderpets and Blues Clues, I am talking like a baby and playing on the floor with blocks and teething toys :) Aunt Kelly says its higher education, I guess I believe her...everytime he smiles, it makes it all worth it.

We had a harsh realization tonight of Sebastian's fondness of my playtime with him...Jonathan took over seeing as I took the 12am through 8pm shift today and wanted a little time to get my BLOGGING fix taken care of. Sebastian immediately went from all smiles and laughs and good mood to nothing can soothe me attitute. If I was in eye sight he was not having it. Jonathan sought refuge behind the couch with Sebastian's music bouncer. Jonathan was so upset but I assured him that it was only because he was with me ALL day and I am always ok with plopping on the floor and whipping out the babytalk, it takes Jonathan a little longer to get into the playfull baby mood.

Jonathan reading a book to Sebastian in the playroom...He apparently likes chewing on the box more than the blocks!

Finally, this post seems to have no end :)

My garden has its sprouts! Sebastian and I planted tomatos, lettuces, peppers, green beans, peas, brussel sprouts and an herb garden with basil, parsley, rosemary, and cilantro. The beans and peas are the only ones we started from seeds and they have finally sprouted!

Aren't they such adorable little sprouts!?! I have two kinds of tomato plants...

Beefy tomatos and grape tomatos, here are the grape tomatos, brussel sprouts and romaine lettuce in the front box and the peas and beans in the back box.

My crispy lettuce gets a box of its very own...

So do the peppers and the herbs...

Well that's it for this update...little man has been a tad bit grumpy this evening (as I hinted at a little bit earlier). What you don't know is that this post was started about 3 hours ago and had to be put on hold for an intervention to a VERY bad crying fit that could only be ended with a rocking chair and nursing. I have spent the last hour with a sleeping child latched on but too exhausted to move him for fear of waking the beast :)

Goodnight all my blogger and facebook friends who have taken the time to read this extra long post :)