Monday, January 31, 2011

I always wanted a Blog!

My first post on my new Blog!

Why Blog? Well, I enjoyed making and maintaining my wedding website so much that it only seems right to keep doing it! Now that my life is not consumed with the endless tasks that come with planning a wedding, I have some time (the little time I manage to steal at the end of the workday) to muttle around in my thoughts and share some of the more important ones :)

I am not a 5-Star chef so you probably won't see me posting too many recipes. I do have some classic favorites, so when I get around to making them I will be certain to share the secret ingredients.

You will probably see a lot of babble about my job...there are good days and bad days and its full of stressful situations but I wouldn't change it if I could. I get to help people with disabilities make friends, be a part of their communities, accomplish things doctors never thought possible, have a place to call home & so much more, what better job could you ask for.

I can guarentee that I will write plenty of wonderful things about my incredible husband! He has become my whole world, so how could I not? I can't ever really say too much about a man who gave up everything he knew to be with me and start a new life. My love for him is unending!

So, hopefully you will find some aspects of my life amusing :) We shall see where the Blog leads me!