Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Lincoln's Newborn Photoshoot

We were fortunate enough to have photos taken by Two Little Monkey's Photography. They turned out very sweet, he looks so much like his older siblings!

Lincoln Cooper Dean's Newborn Portraits

My mother also took some beautiful photos of our little prince. He was such a great model and being the handsome little man that he is, he looks stunning in every photo.

The blue stripped hat and lion roar are my favorites!

Monday, August 22, 2016


Lincoln Cooper Dean
7 pounds 14 ounces
20.5 inches long 
August 1, 2016
at 10:45am

Lincoln's birth story is relatively simple when compared to my other three labors, thank you, Lord!

I slept fairly uneasily all night and began feeling some random contractions and discomfort around 4am on August 1st. I did not think much of it as they were very sporadic and merely uncomfortable waves. At 6am, however, it was a whole new story. Everything with this delivery seemed to go very quickly. Jonathan got up for his daily routine around 6:30am and that's when I started to get very uncomfortable and suspected something might be up. I decided to get up as well and take a shower, I quietly started timing the waves of discomfort to see if there was any type of pattern. I wasn't due for another four weeks and there is always the seed of doubt when you feel things happening that early. Sure enough, they were every 3 minutes but only lasting about 30-40 seconds. Although they were getting much stronger, I still doubted I was in labor because of how short they seemed to last. 
I decided to let Jonathan in on my suspicions and of course, he went into action mode! As soon as I planted the seed, he was in full force prep and go. I hopped in the shower hoping it would fix things and by the time I got out and ready, I was in quite a world of pain. In a matter of an hour, my discomfort went from "I'm not sure" to "I'm definitely in labor!" We decided to activate the phone tree and get the emergency plans into action. My parents were informed first so they could start arranging to pick up the other kids and then Jonathan called out of work. We decided to get the kids up and ready for the day to try and make things a bit easier on my dad. Of course, Sebastian and Paisley were thrilled to hear there might be a new baby in the family by the end of the day. They had been asking me for weeks when the new baby was coming. 
It took another hour to get everyone ready and fed, I called the doctor while Jonathan handled the kids and was told I needed to head into the maternity ward as soon as possible. Unfortunately, my parents hit quite a bit of traffic on the way over and it took awhile for them to arrive. When they got to the house, my contractions were very strong and every three minutes for a full minute. 

My very last bump shot.

We loaded up in the car and headed for the hospital, I was not excited about being cooped up for the next few days. My contractions got stronger on the way to the hospital and we arrived around 9am. I guess my timing was just perfect when we arrived because we hardly waited at all for the nurses or doctor to come in. It usually takes forever to be assessed but I was first on the list. Dr. Solomon came right in and checked, I was only 3 cm dilated but completely thinned and the baby's head was already headed down. He went ahead and agreed it was time to deliver, I was prepped immediately. 

Jonathan got to wear his scrubs, definitely made him look like a painter. 

I was wheeled into the operating room at 10:15 and got my spinal block, a welcome relief. Jonathan came in a few minutes later and everything got underway. If you've never had a cesarean section before, there is really no way to describe how weird it feels. It's very uncomfortable, not necessarily painful but very uncomfortable. 

At 10:45am we finally heard those magical words "baby boy is here, he is really big for 36 weeks!" They quickly held him over the sheet, I really couldn't see much, before hurrying him over the the NICU team. I finally heard him cry just a few seconds later. Jonathan went to check on him and was telling me he looked good, everything was good...7 lbs 14 ozs! 

Jonathan was able to hold him fairly quickly after delivery and I got to see his sweet face as they finished up the surgery. He looked so much like his older brother, Milo (without all the bruising). 

I was relieved when I finally got to hold him as I was wheeled back to our room for recovery. I had a very tough recovery that took much longer than usual. I went into extended recovery because I did not get feeling and movement back in my legs for almost 5 hours after delivery. 

He looks so chunky in his pictures but he is really just skin and bones! Everyone just kept saying how huge he looked until they saw him in person. 

Daddy got to help give him a bath and they finally let Mamie (my mom) back into the room around 2pm. They were being pretty stingy about her returning because I was still technically in recovery. 

We had as much kangaroo time as possible to help keep his temperature up and blood sugar levels in the healthy range. 

We finally announced his arrival the next day as we introduced Lincoln Cooper Dean to the world! AND his older siblings!

Sebastian was a pro, of course! He was so excited to finally meet him and hold him. 

It was a bit of a fight for who got to hold and cuddle and kiss the new baby first. 

It was absolutely wonderful to have all my babies with me! I missed them so much while we were away. 

This little dude took on his new role as 'big brother' like a pro! He wanted to hold him forever! 

Little miss was definitely a natural Mama! She covered him in kisses and insisted on seeing every part of his tiny little body...fingers, toes, belly button, neck lol. 

She is already requesting a sister next...if only it were that simple. 

There is nothing better than your fresh baby sleeping on your chest. 

Aunt Kelly came for a visit and brought us a few more outfits. 

She has another nephew to spoil! 

He is so perfect. 

Four days after delivery, we were finally cleared to go home!

We are now adjusting well to life as a family of 6! I still can't believe it when I hear it, never did I imagine I would be the mama of four beautiful babies. Stay tuned for some very adorable newborn and family photos to come. 

A HUGE THANK YOU, to my dad for jumping up and watching my most prized possessions on delivery day and the days afterwards! A special (never enough) thank you to my wonderful Mama for being there for us during delivery, supporting us always, as well as for taking care of my kiddos while we were inpatient. She also stayed with us at the house for 3 weeks after delivery and took care of the kids again when we ended up back in the NICU with Lincoln. I could never express how incredible my parents are, supporting us in all that we do.