Sunday, January 29, 2012

Such a Character!

Since Sebastian has been taking Zantac the mood has drastically changed in this little person. We still have bad mood episodes, mind you, but they are much further apart and usually have a purpose now. Since he is not spending all his time screaming, we are now really seeing the personality come out...his fabulous Daddy loves movies and TV and so, I guess its only natural that his son does as well. Jonathan couldn't peel his eyes away from the TV last night....and.....Sebastian couldn't either.

Look at the focus.
quite cute
love those cheeks
This morning, I came downstairs to find them both on the couch watching Aladdin.

We have also been working on the playroom some more. We assembled the chairs...with Milly's help.

Why do cats love boxes so much?

Sebastian did more watching then helping.

He likes it!
Throw pillows helped complete the look.
Horton hears a Who.
We went shopping at South Park Mall yesterday to enjoy the beautiful day and get some use out of our stroller. Sebastian was in a good mood on the ride there:

So cute in his red stripes
He fell asleep just as we got there and somehow stayed asleep the entire time we were at the mall.

So peaceful
After eating in the car, we waited for Daddy to look through Off Broadway for dress shoes and boredom got the best of him.

Playing with the doll
Gettin tired
Out cold mid chew
We also went for a stroll yesterday was very refreshing despite the cool air. Sebastian had us up bright and early so we thought we might as well use our extra time to enjoy the outdoors.

So, we bundled him all up and strapped him into the Aprica.

His little nose was frozen.
We came home and made breakfast, Sebastian shared my Yogurt with me.

He loves cherry yogurt
The smile is building...
love you too Daddy!

Until next time...Have a great day!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

At Work with Mommy (In pictures)

He is starting to get the swing of things.

Soaking it all up.

Loves his office swing!

Loving this new contraption.

He liked being able to move around on his own.

Love that face!

Such a cutie!

Always dressed in style when at work.

Sleeping...what a wonderful sight for Mommy, she can actually get something done.

Got the thumb...Love it!

Chewing on Snoopy, a new favorite!

Monday, January 23, 2012


I always have to be working on a project around our house, I just feel like I'm not being productive if I'm not decorating something! While i was pregnant, the nursery was my that it is complete and ready for the little booger, I have moved on to another part of the house. Our bonus room has always stumped me, before Sebastian was here it served as a mismatched room of workout equipment and games, including the Ping Pong table. I was avoiding it as I had no idea where to start or what I really wanted to do in there. Recently, I have come up with a plan...I walked by it the other day and thought it was awful that I had not put and curtains up in there yet. Three years we have lived in our home and all I had up were blinds...boring! So, I got online and began my search for some inspiration. It has become apparent that this room will need to become our playroom/ whatever I do, it has to be fun.

After looking for only one evening...I found the inspiration I needed and now there is no stopping me.

Voila.....the new playroom curtains...They are Dr. Seuss! I've got my theme for my playroom! I found some cool, Seuss looking chairs at World Market and I am well on my way to decking it all out!

I think I'll move onto the master bedroom next :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Miracle Medicine, Drool and Passport (for real this time)

After our misersable first attempt to get Sebastian a passport last week, I decided to break down and make an appointment at the other post office to secure a time to get it done. I hate making appointments because I hate being tied down by them but, there was no alternative.

Daddy was getting him ready, I think playing is more of an accurate description of what he was doing :)

All dressed up and ready to go...he is even wearing sneakers!
 So...we showed up at 2:20p for our 2:30p appointment and Sebastian was in relatively good spirits since he had just finished nursing. Mama had timed it perfectly....unfortunately...we had a lazy postal worker who was 30 minutes behind in her appointments. We did not go back until 3:10p...let's just say Mama was fuming cause my once happy child was now beyond tired of waiting and in a rather whiny mood. He had also had a bout of reflux and I didn't even notice that he left a puddle on the floor :) Jonathan stratigically smeared it around to get it to dry up.
We were greeted inside by a nice but firm postal worker. It felt like we were being interrogated but with a smile! She was making small talk while grilling us with questions like: Do you have a second form of ID? How will you be paying for this? Do you swear the information on the application is 100% true and accurate? Will you be holding him for the picture? Well since he is only 3 months old and last time I checked, he couldn't hold his body weight up, so of course I will be holding him. She then proceeded to cover me in a white towel (over my head and upper body) so that there would be a white background for the picture.
The saying, "No one takes a good passport picture." is true even for babies.

Looks like a mugshot!
We finally got out of the post office at 3:45pm...we were all exhausted but only one of us got to take a nap afterwards.

Must be nice to sleep at work!
The last two weeks or so, we have noticed a HUGE influx in the amount of spit this child produces. He is DROOLING CONSTANTLY! Not just a little drool, we have strings of saliva hanging from his mouth to my shirt and then over to his hand...ridiculous! Since he has suddenly taken a huge interest in chewing on his fist, he is successfully drenching all of his shirts. Everyone keeps saying he is teething but he is only three months old so I am still hoping it is just a lack of mouth control :)

We are working on more tummy time to prepare for our next photoshoot.

It didn't last long, I could only get these three pictures before the waterworks started.
On a great note...Sebastian started taking Zantac twice a day for his reflux and I would like to rename it the miracle medicine! We have gone from an absurd amount of grumpiness to the normal three month old grumpiness. It is fabulous to have him awake and happy for more than a few seconds. He will get fussy when he is hungry or has been up for several hours and needs a nap but otherwise we have been able to play with him and just hold him for long periods of time without screaming. He is still eating every two hours but at least the mood has improved.

No more screaming in the Bumbo!

What Mama?!?

He likes to watch his singing puppy! Sawyer hates the dancing puppy...Hopefully this new mood will last cause we are loving it!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Grumpy Monkey

So, it is no secret that we have one of the grumpiest babies on the planet...he is the epitome of a colic child and we have been eagerly awaiting the day he turned 3 months old. Supposedly, this was going to be his turning point where he all of the sudden realizes, "Life's not that bad". Anyone who has spent more than a few minutes with him, has seen the other side, the unsoothable side. He can have a clean diaper, full stomach and be in someone's arms and still unhappy. If this were an occasional circumstance then it would be typical baby behavior, however, my son....IS ALWAYS this way. He is usually not smiling unless he has just been removed from a boob! Seeing as though this is our first child and we don't really know any differently or have anything to compare his mood to, this is normal to us and we just deal with it. We love him, no matter what!

These last few days, however, his crying has gone above and beyond the normal irritability. He has even been crying during nursing, which is usually the only time he is not. So, we were brought to our wits end last night and finally tried a warm bath cause that usually calms him down.

Yes, he is wearing a diaper cause is seems as though the instant he hits warm water, he has to make bubbles :)

Awful picture of me but it was the first time all day he wasn't crying so we had to catch the moment.

We thought a full nights rest would help with the mood...BUT...

When he woke up screaming...and nothing would soothe was time to make an appointment to see the doctor. We got in at 10:20am this morning! Our pediatrician could really do nothing but smile when he came into the room...Sebastian was crying endlessly, just like his last visit. We explained his symptoms...crying, crying, crying and more crying! He checked for an ear infection, baby hernia, teeth, congestion...all clear. We had noticed recently that although he does not spit up, he has had a lot of reflux that doesn't make it all the way up. So, the doctor thinks he has acid reflux causing his throat to be raw and sore and therefore causing misery. We were prescribed an antacid to be given twice a day and a referral to see the gastro specialist.

At the end of the day...he is finally sleeping....for now!

OH, he is also 14 pounds 4 ounces now!!!!