Sunday, December 30, 2012

Shabby Chic Nursery Update

I have found a few pieces of inspiration for our baby girl's nursery. They all seemed to follow the same trend so I have now decided she will have a Shabby Chic style room to be pampered in!

Inspiration #1

Inspiration #2
Inspiration #3 (headband, dress and pearls)
As I mentioned in previous posts...the furniture has been purchased and we did pick it up just before Christmas. We did not get it all set up but did get it out of the boxes! We plan on, with the help of my artist Mama, antiquing the much-to-white finish so it has more of a shabby chic look and feel to it!

Still in the box and YES, it is Disney!

Crib boxed

Most incredibly comfortable glider/rocker ever.

Out of the box and ready to be antiqued.
Once I figured out that I did want to go with that particular theme, I needed to decide on can pretty much make any colors work here but I wanted it to really be pampering and classy so we went with a pale pink, gray and ivory.

Now, being the overly ambitious person that I am, I did not want to fork up the $300+ bucks for stylish crib bedding and then even more for window coverings...sooooo, I decided to make my own. I sewed a few things for Sebastian's nursery but making nursery bedding and drapes is way more involved BUT I am up for the challenge. Off to the HUGE fabric store we went (Mama and I) to find the perfect combination of patterns, colors and textures. Now, I did end up spending over a hundred dollars on fabrics BUT that was for a crib bumper, comforter, diaper stacker, bed skirt, patterns and drapes!

The pink and ivory in the middle if the main color and fabric choice.
I LOVE what we were able to find...the combination of patterns and colors are perfect for what I envisioned.

Next, we were off to Lowes for paint! Having chosen quite a bit pink and knowing that most of the accessories would be pink...we decided to go with the gray on the walls. The cream coloring will be big on the crib, dresser and recliner.

We went with "Hi-Ho Silver" which just happened to match the fabric perfectly!
I think it is coming along rather nicely! Especially for starting so incredibly late...Jonathan is planning on tackling the painting tomorrow and Tuesday...then the furniture will be next.

3-D Baby Girl Ultrasound video and pictures along with Christmas celebration blogging coming soon...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Quick Update

I've been wanting to post for awhile but work and shopping and wrapping and wrangling have kept me pretty busy these days. I also keep forgetting my camera so I can't give you guys any new photos to look at :(
Everything is going well...I have almost got all the shopping done! We stuck to toys I knew Sebastian has been eyeing and will get some real use out of. Jonathan was a lot more difficult since he REFUSED to give me any ideas and has everything he could ever want. We both are those type of people who hate asking for people to buy us things, we would rather save our money and get it ourselves. So, needless to say, shopping for him has been quite an experience.

Santa's little elf!
I had been toying with the idea of not creating a nursery for our new little one and instead just putting both the babies together. However, after receiving a few items and seeing how packed Sebastian's room already is, we have changed our minds! Our home has four bedrooms: Master, Sebastian's Nursery, a guest bedroom and an office...guess who is getting a makeover?!?! Seeing as that I DO NOT DO work at home, I get enough between 8a-5p...and Jonathan is graduating in May 2013...we don't really have a need for an office and our need for a baby girl nursery is much, MUCH greater, the office is getting the boot! It will be a challenge to convert because it has become our catch-all room, but it gives us a reason to spring clean. I am excited for the challenge...designing and decorating Sebastian's room was so much fun, now getting to do a girly one will be equally enjoyable!

She is in there!
When I found out I was pregnant with Sebastian, I pretty much started designing his room immediately and had all 8 months to work out the details. This time, we have procrastinated a bit and we are left with four months to get it all done. Which may sound like a lot of time but for a mama who has a full time job, a daddy who is a full time student and the holidays looming and a 14 month old who has grumpy nights, it will go by in the blink of an eye!
So, we went to some baby stores this past weekend to look at furniture for the room. It is a tight room, so we are trying to make sure we get furniture that will fit and be practical all while remembering she is a girl and needs to be spoiled!
It was a very productive Saturday...we not only found the perfect furniture but also ordered it...we got a white crib with a canopy top and dresser to match, along with a VERY comfy glider (for Jonathan and those late nights :) they will be arriving in 2 weeks so I'll be sure to post pictures when they are all set up! My mom and dad are the BEST EVER and helped us with everything!

Saturday Morning's breakfast consisted of marshmellows, cheerios and yogurt bites.
A Glimpse of the past:

Look at this adorable little guy just a few months ago...

I miss those days sometimes...but I love him being old enough to come up and just give me a huge hug or plant a kiss on my unsuspecting cheek!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Meeting Santa

I think this went considerably better last year!

The "OMG, what are you guys thinking?!" face

and the "Okay, this really isn't funny!" face
I love how Santa has perfected his smile...he has to be one of the best Santa Claus' I have seen! Maybe next year will be a little less traumatic!

The Results Are In

Okay, so my poll here on Blogger didn't do much and was split 50/50, but I ran a poll at work that resulted in 6/5 for a boy and a poll on Facebook that resulted in 4/6 for a girl! All votes together ended up being 11/12 for a girl. I'd say that was pretty damn close to split down the middle!

I was very happy at our appointment today that we got a different technician and she was super sweet. She told us what everything was and answered all our questions and made it a really fun experience. Jonathan, Sebastian and my Mom went with me to see the little one and find out what we were having!

Here are the photos:

Just so you all know...this child does not stop moving!!!

Loves moving those arms and the spine.

Hand in front of the face and foot shot!


It's hard to tell from this picture...but we are definitely having a little girl! We checked from multiple angles and I asked the technician to be absolutely sure and she said "Without a doubt, I am 100% positive you have a baby girl!" I do agree with her cause there was no mistaking Sebastian was a boy and there was no third leg ANYWHERE!!! Jonathan is ecstatic, so am I! Everyone kept asking what I thought it was and said I HAD to have some type of feeling and I did, I just wasn't 100% sure. There were differences between the beginning of this pregnancy and the last one but nothing that was so different I could say, Yes its a girl!

I knew somehow when I was pregnant with Sebastian that it was a boy, despite everyone thinking it was a girl. This time I had a gut feeling it was a girl but for some reason kept telling myself it was a boy. I think because I am so used to little boys :) I am extremely excited though! I have wanted to buy little girl clothes for so long! Although, get a load of this adorable outfit I had Sebastian adorn today...

Nothing beats an outfit that matches those gorgeous eyes! What a cutie! Oh, do you see that mouthful of teeth as well? He now has 11! He went til 12 months with just four and now he is 13 months 2 weeks old and has 11!

Well that's all for our BIG news today!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Decorating at our Household

To continue with the remainder of the holiday weekend...on Sunday, we were very thankful to stay home and work on our tree and decorating! The house was a MESS for a few hours as storage boxes made their way in and out of the living room. I did manage to go through all of them and at least get the stuff out so the boxes could go back up into the attic.

Jonathan worked on getting the lights on the tree while I put out stuff around the house. Sebastian was having another bad day so we took turns trying to soothe his awful mood. I did break down around 11:30am and put him in his crib for a little while to have some alone time to himself. Would you know that little booger...who has only been in the brand new, beautiful crib twice...managed to get almost his entire body over the railing! I had to stand near the door with the monitor for quite awhile to see if he was actually going to flip out of it. I think it was hurting his belly to teeter on it so he did eventually resort back to just screaming but yes, it would be my 13 month old who can climb out of a crib after so few uses.

So devious on the stairs!

Hanging with Milly 

He is such a HAM in front of the camera! 

Eggnog loving fool! 

Entrance way tree! 

Such a great helper cleaning up!

So far, that is all the decorating we have accomplished!