Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We have a walker...

It has been a little while since I posted anything...let me just say, it has been a busy few weeks! I am excitedly planning Sebastian's 1st birthday party...its going to be great! Look for your invitations in the mail soon...meanwhile, work has been crazy...we are planning our 10 year anniversary celebration this October (a week after Sebastian's birthday) and we are also participating in the Isabella Santos Foundation and United Support Services, Inc 5k for Kids Cancer on September 22nd. Along with the day to day operations and dozens of crisis' throughout the day...needless to say, i'm exhausted! Jonathan and I are also celebrating our anniversary in October!

Pizza Night
Despite all the craziness, Sebastian is my little champ!!! He turned his few shaky steps into full blown walking!

He is growing up so fast and he is such a smarty pants!!! He picks up on things way too quickly! LOVE HIM!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Kure Beach Vacation

I feel a little bit like I have been away from home more than at home this summer...I am actually homesick...I want to stay home just BE! But it doesn't look like that will happen quite yet, I think we will have one more trip to go before Fall gets here...I HAVE TO GO SEE MY ONLY NEPHEW HOME FROM THE NICU!!!

Anywho...our trip to Kure beach was fabulous...a very wonderful week of nothingness! I expected Sebastian to really enjoy the sand and water and playing with his cousins...BUT, boy was I WRONG! My child HATED the sand, HATED the salty sea water, HATED the wind blowing through his hair and would have nothing to do with playing with his cousins on the beach! Unless he was in Mommy or Daddy's arms, he was not smiling all that much, so we did a lot of holding and keeping the sand off his precious little skin.

I'm ok aslong as I am being held and being fed!

Can't avoid the grumpiness, even on vacation!
I can't say I blame him, sand and saltwater are not my favorites either...I love the beach and listening to the waves and watching the seagulls but I am not a fan of the ocean. He much preferred hanging out on the awesome deck with Mama.

Don't touch my ball!

Concentrating hard

This boy loves peaches

Almost ate the whole thing

Hanging out with us on the deck

Yelling at someone!

Everyone has to take a rehydration break!
We did have some happy times on the beach though, he usually had about ten minutes of "I'm ok" time. Then Mama tried to get creative with a towel and floaty but Mr. Active didn't stay put long.

Daddy headed out to surf

Hanging with Aunt Kelly

Jonathan brought his kite and everyone enjoyed flying it!

Aunt Kelly looking fabulous in her bikini

Daddy looking fabulous with his surf board
We also visited the local fair!

So, I have gone just a tad bit picture crazy in this post...and to think, this is only one of the three cameras! I'll end the post with how most of our nights ended...with cute pajamas!!!

Sebastian's Great Aunt Janet

Wrestling with Lilly

I'll try to post more when I get the other pictures from the other cameras...until then, Goodnight!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Milestone Mania while on Vacation!!!!

Sebastian seems destined to accomplish most of his milestones while we are on vacation! We hit FOUR new ones this past week...I could hardly keep up!

1.) He cut his fourth tooth at the beginning of the he looks so goofy cause the two top teeth are different lengths and look way too big for his mouth but his smile is priceless with those sparkling white wonders!

Its hard to get a picture of top teeth, but you can just barely see one there!
Using those glorious chompers to eat a Necturine!
2.) Two days into our lovely vacation at the beach...Sebastian decided to WALK to MAMA...well, he made a great attempt at it...4 steps in a row!!! I got video don't worry...since he has realized he can do it, it is now a common occurrence...two steps here, three there...he is pushing the limits! When we got home today, after 4 hours in the car, we decided to hit up the mall and find him some shoes that actually fit! He has the chubbiest feet in the world...they are just tall and chunky! VERY few shoes will squeeze those bad boys in...BUT I found some today! Crocs...I hate the way they look on adults but they can be quite cute on kids AND what do ya know...they fit! He wears a size 5...and his toes hot the front so I got a pair of size 5 and size 6 so he can have a pair to grow into!

Carolina Panthers blue is definitely his matches his eyes!

Not too sure about them!

3.) We only went out to eat one night during our trip, with fourteen people its just too much of an ordeal to go more than that, but on that wonderful evening out....Sebastian finally figured out the infamous stick in a it took this long, I do not know...he certainly knows how to suck on a nipple! It was very cute but very messy, he enjoyed the act of sucking on a straw more than drinking the Diet Coke...most of it dribbled down his chin and into my lap!

No, I do not have a picture of the Diet Coke drenched chin...but this shot is pretty gosh darn cute!!!
4.) On our long drive home...Sebastian learned the art of clapping after Daddy finished the B-I-N-G-O song! We have been working on it all week and it finally doesn't take this kid long to figure things out! He learned how to crawl a mere three-four weeks ago and is already bored with it!

In a different state but on the same note...Wesley was released from the NICU on Thursday and is home with his Mommy and Daddy and loving it! He had to go home on a heart monitor and with a G-tube but we are counting our blessings!!!

Beach pictures and a detailed recap of our adventures at Kure Beach to follow shortly!!!