Monday, December 16, 2013

Light Gawking and More

Well today Paisley took a step backward in her recovery, perhaps I jinxed myself with my last post! She was moody and needy today...her cough seems to have worsened...I know that can happen when the mucus starts to break up but it could also be her infection worsening so I am hoping for some improvements tomorrow!!! She slept a lot today which could be the reason it is 10:43pm and she is climbing all over me without an ounce of sleepiness in her, might be another long night!

These two were hilarious talking to each other in the crib this morning.

They have their own language for their own conversations...inseparable! 

We watched a few movies and ate some popcorn...Winnie was jealous (did I mention she is now 51 lbs and only 6 months old!) 

Ma! The bowl is empty!

The playdoh made its way back out...lots of messy fun!

Yay...I cut it in half!

We went light gawking again tonight...Sebastian loves it and gets very vocal every time he sees ANY lights! This house obviously wins for the most work!!!

Our book tradition continues...Paisley will start squealing if he begins to open the book without her right there next to him. She knows what is happening...

Jonathan got his 4th Day of Christmas from his true love this morning...I neglected to take a picture of it :( but it was secretly tucked away in his drawer with his keys and wallet. I surprised him it! His gift was a mousepad for work with 4 beautiful pictures of his gorgeous babies on it! I will try to get a picture of it tomorrow to post.

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