Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dinner Party at Aunt Kelly and Uncle Mike's House

Well we now have two sick babies...it is inevitable, if one gets something the other catches it within a day or so. Poor Paisley seems so much more miserable because she doesn't realize how to cope with being stuffed up...she doesn't understand why her nose won't work!

We stayed in most of the morning, I took some Christmas pictures. Surprisingly, both babies were in good moods for pictures! 

A sneak peek of our photoshoot, poor quality, I took a picture of the computer screen.

Then we headed off to the post office to pick up a package followed by a trip to Wal-Mart for groceries. It was another cold, wet day here in beautiful North Carolina. I am ok with the cold, it's the wet I could go without! Winnie caught a bug from the vet...gotta love it right? She was a mess today! Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

We had a blast going to Aunt Kelly and Uncle Mike's house for dinner tonight! We had some tasty appetizers, a delicious pork roast and had fun doing an ornament exchange. Sebastian had a blast taking Aunt Kelly on a tour of her own house, lol. Can you believe that I forgot my phone??? I know, right? So, no pictures of that fun!

We finished the night with a new book...

Sebastian read it to Paisley!

He is so patient with her.

Our elves were good last night...they are hanging out on Sebastian's favorite rocking chair!

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