Thursday, December 26, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Recap

So, I successfully completed our first year of 12 Days of Christmas for my True Love! Jonathan LOVED it so it will definitely remain a tradition for years to come.

Here is a re-cap on what the 12 days looked like:

1.) Ray-Ban P Sunglasses

2.) Two Movie Tickets (to see Thor 2)

3.) Three Pairs of Boxers

4.) A Mouse Pad with Four Pictures On It

5.) A Bag of Take 5 Chocolate Bars

6.) A Six Aspect Date that Included: 1- A New Tie 2- No Kids 3-Porsche 4- Bonefish Grill Dinner 5- Tickets to the Christmas Symphony 6- Box of Chocolates for Dessert

7.) A Seven Stick Bouquet of Lindt Chocolates

8.) Eight Pairs of Dress Socks

9.) Nine Hidden Love Letters for My True Love to Find

10.) Ten Ounces of Chocolatey Kisses (Can of Hersey's Kisses)

11.) Eleven Homemade Cookies

12.) A Twelve Month Calendar Filled with Pictures of His Family

The two dates were by far his favorite days but it was all fun. I had a blast making him so excited each day...I hid all of the presents the night before WITHOUT him realizing it...even though he knew I had to do it at some point. I definitely recommend starting this tradition with your loved one! It is a great way to show them you love them and have taken some time to think about JUST THEM. When we have children, we sometimes lose our ability to spoil our significant others...this tradition forces you to make time for the one you fell head over heels with.

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