Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Our little Thor

Well we tried to predict and prevent the early arrival of our little superhero but he isn't giving us any signs. 

Apparently, mothers who have a short cervix generally deliver early, mine is fine. The baby looks happy and healthy, no signs of preterm labor which is exactly what my previous two pregnancies looked like. I think they are trying so hard to prevent a repeat because in general, boys do not fair as well as girls in preterm labor. They would like for me to keep him in there til at least 38 weeks but I'm pretty sure I have no control over the whole thing.

The doctor and I still disagree on my due date, by my calculations it is 9/10/14...the doctor says 9/20/14. A ten day difference doesn't seem like much but he is currently 4 lbs 4 ozs...70th percentile for his gestational age, if we went by my calculations of a due date (based on my last period) he would be right on track for his size and age. Doctors don't know everything...right? So, all we can do is sit and wait and hope he remains inside as long as possible. Although I hate being pregnant in July and August, I would rather not have a newborn to lug around in the heat...September is a good compromise. 

The good part about these late pregnancy ultrasounds is we got to see our little dude again...he looks just like his brother! Same lips, nose, cheeks and expressions! 

See the resemblance? This was Sebastian pouting when we couldn't get tickets to a baseball game...we're still working on it, apparently the new stadium is much more enticing then the previous one. 

Our new little peanut loved to move his mouth, he was pouting and giving kisses through the whole ultrasound...oh, and he is still a little boy, no mistakes in that area. 

On a different note, my sister and I (and our hubby's of course) went on a tour of the hospital last week. I delivered both my babies at CMC Pineville but Novant has taken over our state and changed my OBGYN's delivering privileges so now we must go to Novant Matthews Hospital. After taking the tour, this change was clearly not to benefit the patients...very disappointing. Pineville is all about family and bonding and kangaroo time and ensuring the whole experience is how the mom wants it to be. Although my deliveries were not picture perfect, they did everything to still make it a family experience. According to the three nurses I spoke with at Matthews, they encourage family participation but it is all about moms health, not a bad philosophy but not the guidelines I want. It should be moms health and family not just moms health. 

They have some ridiculous policies at Matthews like only 4 visitors at a time...never going to happen with my family. We are a crowd, a well behaved, organized crowd, but still a crowd and I won't be limiting who can and can't come see the new addition to the family. This may be my last baby, who knows...I want to enjoy it like it was my first! They also further punish you if you require a c-section. As if having one isn't disappointing or hard enough, if you have a c-section you are not allowed ANY visitors (except your spouse) for 2 1/2 hours after you return to your room. WHAT?!? I've had two c-sections and it doesn't take that long to settle in afterwards. My mom has helped me with nursing, recovering and welcoming our new baby after each of my deliveries...she will not be sitting in the waiting room for hours missing it all because the nurse doesn't want to deal with more people. Like I said, they are punishing the poor moms who need c-sections, we don't get to share those first moments with the people we choose. I understand if there is a problem, everyone moves aside when a nurse needs to step in, believe me, I've been through a good and bad c-section. You can experience problems after a vaginal birth as well but those moms aren't being limited on who shares in the experience.

Also at Matthews, if they predict a busy maternity ward and you are having a c-section, they may put you on the fourth floor instead of the maternity ward...I guess vaginal deliveries are more important. Jonathan was very disappointed that the ONLY refreshments available to support people/spouses is vending machines. At Pineville, they offer fully stocked 'Daddy Stations' for the men who are also having to endure the pains of delivery. They may not be the ones pushing out a baby or having major surgery but they do have to watch their loved one endure it all and that deserves an open snack bar...he should not have to worry about whether or not he has enough quarters for a caffeine drink. 

So, as you can clearly determine by my rant...we are not happy with being forced to deliver at Matthews and still have not decided to do so. My family is more important to me then my doctor so we may be forfeiting her services to be at the hospital who will allow us to have the delivery we want. I am not necessarily an easy patient as far as health goes but I am really hard to upset with regulations and Matthews has managed to do that and I'm not sure if I can get over it or not, we will see. 

We have reached the bi-weekly doctor visits so we head back on the 31st and just continuing trudging along until the big day. I can't ever seem to plan my pregnancies right (I guess not planning them has these results) but my due date happens to be during two weddings...my brothers and Jonathan's best friends. We can't attend either :( We are hoping that our little guy stays put until after the family returns from Spain for my brother's wedding...so right now that is the goal. 

Here are some random morning routine pictures for you cause who likes to read a blog without pictures...even if they aren't related!

Vibrating toothbrushes are awesome!

Story time...brother is nowhere to be found until a book makes noises.

He's all about craft time though!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Nearly There...

I don't know where the time has gone with this third pregnancy. When I was pregnant with my first, it literally felt like I was pregnant for years...the weeks inched by. My second was a bit quicker, I found out we were expecting later than my first and I was excited about another baby but busy with Sebastian, so time passed quicker. This time....I'm busy with two toddlers and excited for this little guy but also want to cherish the little time I have left spoiling my other two.

We are enjoying our summer! It is starting to get too hot for this mama but we are getting creative and trying to find indoor activities.

Uncle Isaac and his girlfriend, Alyssa visited this past weekend. We took advantage of the good weather and spent a day in the pool followed by a day at the lake. We chilled at our humble abode for the remainder of their visit. It's so great to spend time with them...Sebastian really enjoyed the extra attention. 

Paisley is still very much a mama's girl and extremely shy around everyone. I know she will have a harder time adjusting to the new addition than Sebastian. I am going to make sure they each still get adequate mommy time but it will also give Jonathan a chance to grow closer to her. She has started talking...she says "bye," "uh oh," "be be" etc. very cute!

Sebastian has started to realize something is up and he is just too smart for his own good. I went to the doctor today (we are now at bi-weekly visits) and he told everyone "mom doe BB doc-ter". He also likes to listen to the "BB" through mommy's tummy. 

His vocabulary is hilarious and vast...he spent quite a while listening to the world and now he has a way of communicating all his own. Mama is the best at interpreting, of course...but he's pretty good at repeating or adjusting until someone gets it. 

One of my favorite phrases of his is "yeah, sure." "Why" and "what" are very common right now...the why has started to aggravate but it's all part of the process! 

So, not too much to report here, just enjoying every minute of life and preparing for the next chapter...which is fast approaching!

Pictures courtesy of the talented Isaac from IQ Photography. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

North Myrtle Beach...final vacation of the year!

I am thrilled to report no sunburn on either of my two kids or husband after spending a whole week oceanfront! That is quite a feat when tending to porcelain skin and bleach blonde heads! Paisley actually has a nice tan going! 

We had a busy, eventful, but fabulous week sitting on the beach in North Myrtle this past week. June was a crazy busy month, we were barely in town...nothing like trying to squish our vast travel plans into a short summer. Last Saturday marked moving into the third trimester with this little guy...28 weeks, already! Knowing my body and listening to and learning from past experiences, we will not be venturing far from home from here on out. If this baby is in the same time zone as his siblings, he could be saying "hello" as early as August...fingers crossed he waits til at least mid September!!! Although I am very over being pregnant at this point, I am not ready for a newborn just yet. 

So, it being our last trip of the year...of course we hit it out of the park. Never again will we be making plans in Myrtle or North Myrtle...I'm not trying to sway anyone from going there, the beach is beautiful but after staying at numerous other beaches, it's just not worth it. The laws/rules are just ridiculous! At one point we had a lifeguard tell us skim boarding was illegal until after 6pm...what?!? It's a beach...participate at your own risk and leave us alone. Tents are illegal, umbrellas with cords are not permitted, umbrellas cannot be touching other umbrellas (even your own) or the ground, sport umbrellas are forbidden unless standing upright like a regular umbrella, digging is not allowed unless all holes, trenches are completely filled in afterwards and at one point...skim boarding was not allowed until we asked to see the rule and the lifeguard could not verify the law. We made the best of everyday but it was quite disheartening to have a new rule/law cited every time we stepped outside. Kure Beach, Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach, Hilton Head and numerous Florida Beaches welcome visitors and couldn't careless what sun protection you choose to set up. 

The ridiculous Walmart lines that took us two hours to get through!

We started off with a bang and poor Uncle Sam suffered a devistating injury to his foot on our first day! Nothing broken but a wound and swelling to be proud of...he is in a boot for several weeks and due to his bleeding condition, on 2 intravenous infusions a day. He didn't get to participate in much for the rest of the week but we set him up nicely in the shade to at least watch the waves. 

Both of my little ones were under the weather during the whole trip so our days consisted of beach time, baths, porch hanging out and naps...lots of naps!

Evening walks were nice.

She just couldn't resist playing in the sand!

Monday night we reserved a row (14  seats) at the Pirate Voyage Dinner Show...big hit with the kids, lots of fun, I recommend it to all ages. 

We headed to the Ripley's Aquarium on the one day it rained. I have to admit, not impressed! We would never go back...too small, too many people, too expensive. 

We grabbed some lunch at Joes Crab Shack on the Boardwalk.

They were not feeling great, it was a grumpy lunch. So, we went home to chill at the house.

Their fevers returned so we headed back inside and Sebastian fell asleep in the shower.

After a really long...4 hour nap, Sebastian seemed to do better.

Or not, lol.

We took an early morning stroll to feed the seagulls but apparently they too have been banned cause there were none in sight!

Our final day at the beach was pretty laid back, we spent very little time actually on the beach cause Sebastian spiked another fever.

On our drive home we stopped at McLeod Farm for fresh fruit and to see a cool tractor museum.

They were very happy to be home in their own beds! Thanks Mamie and Pops for another incredible vacation together!

P.S. We went to see the doctor and they apparently had some sort of stomach bug...they seem to be over it now, of course :)