Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nursery Preparations and Painting!

We have begun what seem like the huge task of preparing the nursery for our little guy. I want to get most of it done early while I still feel like I can move, plus my mom is painting Winnie the Pooh characters on the walls so she will need quite a bit of time to complete that :) Yesterday we went to Lowes and purchased our base color wall paint...Lily Pond:

Last week, Jonathan and his buddy picked up the Crib and Armoire from the store...they are now being stored in our game room, which is very inconvenient :(

The baby's room completely empty and ready for painting...Jonathan is prepped and ready to go!

The beautiful ceiling fan we installed last night, it looks so much better than the ugly standard light fixture that we replaced.

The painting begins...unfortunately, I could not help due to fumes...but I was close by for moral support the entire night (and to take pictures of the progress).

I went downstairs to make dinner and came back up to see the progress.

The very upset members of the family who were banned from the room.

They were just a little peeved.

More progress.

Jonathan finished the first coat more to go then on to the character painting. We already found the bedroom set for our little man and have assembled some of the furniture we borrowed from my mom :)

The hamper.

The little Pooh Chair...I love it!

The changing table...with a giant elephant resting on top :) I love the Pooh mobile as well!

SOMEONE found the cradle...she is not allowed to sleep in it but I think she was hoping she would blend in with the bedding.

That's all I have for now...I will post more when we finish some more :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

You know your husband is amazing when...

I always have known my husband was amazing...I mean all you have to do is look at him and you already can see that he is extremely handsome and carries the demeanor of a genuinely incredible guy! Look further though and you will see all of the amazing aspects of him that are hidden a little deeper.

He would do ANYTHING for me and has! (Including but not limited to driving four hours one way, every weekend to see me before we were married and I mean EVERY single weekend for 9 months)

He is a fabulous house husband...ex: he does all of the laundry so I don't have to worry about it when I get home after work, he also cleans the whole house every week...I have tried to help and he absolutely refuses to let me do so!

He ALWAYS opens the door for me!

He mows the grass and is just as obsessed as I am with our yard, flowers and bushes looking perfect all the time.

He opens all my stuck jars!

He is always waiting at the door when I get home to give me a kiss and see how my day went.

He calls me while I'm at work just to say "Hi" and "I love you."

He surprises me with flowers and chap stick bouquets when I least expect it.

He lets me pick the movie, dinner, evening activities first, only when I absolutely cannot or do not want to choose does he decide.

He has an amazing sense of humor.

An incredible smile and laugh.

He always drives, so I can relax in the passenger seat.

He lets me cuddle with him in bed every night, even though I apparently emit 100 degrees of heat :)

He feeds the dogs and kitty cat every morning and every night...I never have to worry about them!

He cleans up the dogs or cat messes without hesitation, this includes the litter box every couple of days.

He couldn't stop telling me he loved me when he found out we were having a baby!

He asks me everyday if he can feel our son kick, unfortunately he is not big enough to feel from the outside yet.

HE HAS NEVER MISSED A DOCTORS APPOINTMENT WITH OUR BABY DOCTOR! Even if it means he misses an important extra credit opportunity and will have to make it up later somehow.

The list goes on and on and on...

I know my husband is amazing...more than amazing...he is my soul mate, the love of my life, what I live for everyday!

Make sure you say how much you love your family members, everyday! You never know when you won't be able to anymore!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Baby Furniture

Last week, I got the wonderful call from BuyBuyBaby that our crib and dresser had arrived! So, exciting...Jonathan and I went back and forth about whether or not to invest in a crib. My mom had Samuel's crib stored away in the attic that she said we could borrow but part of me really wanted one to call my own. I wanted to be able to use it over and over again or if we didn't want to, I wanted to be able to turn it into a guest bed or toddler bed. So after much debate with ourselves, we decided to buy one of our own to use over and over again. We did, however, borrow mom's beautiful changing table and rocking chair. Our nursery is coming together...our next task is PAINTING. Which, sadly, I cannot help with :( I must trust my wonderful husband to do it perfectly. I can't do the base coat or the high gloss final coat but I can help with all the character painting that my mom will be doing on the walls. We do that with acrylic paints and they don't have fumes so yay!

Our little guy is going to be a Disney fanatic just like his mama, especially if his room is Winnie the Pooh perfect!

This is the crib we got! We didn't get the whole set cause our bedroom is definitely not big enough for that and I just don't think we need that much furniture but we did get the crib and the armoire (the beautiful piece on the left in the picture).

Our house is decked out in cherry furniture though, so we ordered it in the cherry finish:

I am excited to post lots of pictures of the progress of the nursery! We already have the comforter and bedroom set, I guess so I will start working on those pictures.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lake James Vacation

Last week, the WHOLE family enjoyed a much needed break and headed to Lake James with the boat. We stayed at a beautiful home right on the water and enjoyed taking leisurely cruises on the water, wakeboarding, skiing, sunbathing, and swimming. It was very relaxing and a wonderful break from the hectic everyday lives we all live.

Here are SOME pictures from the trip:

Most of the girls: Mom, Kristyn, Kieran, Kelly, Emma and Lilly

Kamerin and Kieran

Me and Jonathan

Me and Kelly

The beautiful view

Uncle Patrick and Lilly

Handsome Kamerin

Lilly and Uncle Samuel caught a fish

Jonathan and Kamerin being goofy

Aunt Kieran and Lilly

Sam rocking the wakeboard

Daddio, Jonathan and I

Lilly, Aunt Kelly and Emma coloring

Emma, Aunt Kelly and Lilly on the boat

Lilly passed out on Uncle Jonathan

Riding on the jetskis

Lilly giving Uncle Jonathan a birthday kiss

Pops and Lilly

Daddio and Pierce being really dorky


The beautiful sunset.

What a great trip!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Boy of Girl?!?

Jonathan and I were both very excited about going to our ultrasound on June 2nd! It was a morning of great anticipation. The last time we saw the little one on a monitor it looked more like a blob than an actual baby. After reading numerous articles, I knew that this ultrasound would actually show a with fingers and toes and arms and legs and even a nose :)

Our litte one while sucking it's thumb, hard to see but it's there!

We had a very friendly technician and she walked us through the whole process explaining in detail every detail of our little babies body. As we were trying to rule out defects predominate in my family history, we were happy to keep hearing her say, "looks great!" Our little one has working kidneys, a stomach, a bladder (full of pee even), a brain that is forming correctly, arms that were wildly moving all over the place during its 10 minutes of fame and a mouth that would not stop sucking. The technician said the little one must have found some chewing gum cause it was sucking and sucking away on its thumb and whatever else it could find...ADORABLE, that definitely makes a mama wana cry.

It's right arm!

After she surveyed the vital organs and made sure the blood flow was normal and everything was growing at a normal rate, we moved on to the extremities. The little one has all five fingers on each hand and all three bones in each pinkie as well as perfectly normal feet. My mom thinks they look rather large but everything is magnified so I don't think its true :)
All four chambers of the heart are working correctly, which is a big one...that's the main reason we were checking. 

It's right foot!

Finally, we reached the point of looking between the poor thing's legs. It was a hilarious moment actually cause there was a hand in our way for most of the hunt, obviously we have a modest baby. But....low and behold....we eventually got the small peek we wanted so bad...enough of a view to determine whether we are having a little boy or a little girl!

It's little leg!

Let me just say this...there is no doubt about it................IT'S DEFINITELY A BOY!!!

Our little man! Jonathan couldn't contain his excitement!

Jonathan was so excited that he even teared up a little bit. The smile on his face stayed there for hours and I could see the pure joy illuminating his entire demeanor. That alone made my entire day but I too was very excited to learn that I have a son. Sure, I had hoped to have a girl because the fear of never having a little girl scares me a lot, BUT I have always wanted a little mama's boy. So we now know that lots of blue is in our future and the hunt for the perfect name for our perfect little guy begins. 

We are even more excited now than ever to meet him. It is feeling more and more real with every new discovery and every little kick. Pretty soon I will be a Mom and I will get to see my wonderful husband be the loving Dad he is already proving to be. 

Until next time, Toodles!!!