Friday, November 30, 2012

Meeting Santa

I think this went considerably better last year!

The "OMG, what are you guys thinking?!" face

and the "Okay, this really isn't funny!" face
I love how Santa has perfected his smile...he has to be one of the best Santa Claus' I have seen! Maybe next year will be a little less traumatic!

The Results Are In

Okay, so my poll here on Blogger didn't do much and was split 50/50, but I ran a poll at work that resulted in 6/5 for a boy and a poll on Facebook that resulted in 4/6 for a girl! All votes together ended up being 11/12 for a girl. I'd say that was pretty damn close to split down the middle!

I was very happy at our appointment today that we got a different technician and she was super sweet. She told us what everything was and answered all our questions and made it a really fun experience. Jonathan, Sebastian and my Mom went with me to see the little one and find out what we were having!

Here are the photos:

Just so you all know...this child does not stop moving!!!

Loves moving those arms and the spine.

Hand in front of the face and foot shot!


It's hard to tell from this picture...but we are definitely having a little girl! We checked from multiple angles and I asked the technician to be absolutely sure and she said "Without a doubt, I am 100% positive you have a baby girl!" I do agree with her cause there was no mistaking Sebastian was a boy and there was no third leg ANYWHERE!!! Jonathan is ecstatic, so am I! Everyone kept asking what I thought it was and said I HAD to have some type of feeling and I did, I just wasn't 100% sure. There were differences between the beginning of this pregnancy and the last one but nothing that was so different I could say, Yes its a girl!

I knew somehow when I was pregnant with Sebastian that it was a boy, despite everyone thinking it was a girl. This time I had a gut feeling it was a girl but for some reason kept telling myself it was a boy. I think because I am so used to little boys :) I am extremely excited though! I have wanted to buy little girl clothes for so long! Although, get a load of this adorable outfit I had Sebastian adorn today...

Nothing beats an outfit that matches those gorgeous eyes! What a cutie! Oh, do you see that mouthful of teeth as well? He now has 11! He went til 12 months with just four and now he is 13 months 2 weeks old and has 11!

Well that's all for our BIG news today!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Decorating at our Household

To continue with the remainder of the holiday weekend...on Sunday, we were very thankful to stay home and work on our tree and decorating! The house was a MESS for a few hours as storage boxes made their way in and out of the living room. I did manage to go through all of them and at least get the stuff out so the boxes could go back up into the attic.

Jonathan worked on getting the lights on the tree while I put out stuff around the house. Sebastian was having another bad day so we took turns trying to soothe his awful mood. I did break down around 11:30am and put him in his crib for a little while to have some alone time to himself. Would you know that little booger...who has only been in the brand new, beautiful crib twice...managed to get almost his entire body over the railing! I had to stand near the door with the monitor for quite awhile to see if he was actually going to flip out of it. I think it was hurting his belly to teeter on it so he did eventually resort back to just screaming but yes, it would be my 13 month old who can climb out of a crib after so few uses.

So devious on the stairs!

Hanging with Milly 

He is such a HAM in front of the camera! 

Eggnog loving fool! 

Entrance way tree! 

Such a great helper cleaning up!

So far, that is all the decorating we have accomplished!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend and LOTS of Other Stuff

WARNING: Picture overload!

My, oh my, do I have some blogging to catch up on!!! I feel like I never get ahead but I am going to try to cram it all into this one post :)

Nothing beats playing in a box with Daddy
I decided to start some of the Christmas decorating early, like the week before Thanksgiving early, since I overdo everything and thought it would be best to get it all finished early so we could actually enjoy it! So, we put up the entrance way tree the weekend before Thanksgiving to get it out of the way before the real tree made its way into the house. I am pretty sure that this fake tree, made more of a mess then the real one. I love the look of the flocked trees, so we took the leap and got one while it was on sale but boy did that tree lose dust like a real snow covered tree! Sebastian helped with the WHOLE process, he is such a curious little man.

All put together

enjoying a snack after all that hard work

Also, this child has learned to climb ladders and loves heights!

Gotta love boys playing

My very inventive tree topper...took me a little while to get him to stay up there!

Sebastian wondering why he can't come up

If I give you a cheesy smile, can I come up then?
So, I neglected to pick up my camera even once on Thanksgiving Day...It was my day off and actually to be honest, Sebastian was in a very rotten mood. We spent most of the day fighting his grumpy his defense, I think he had some type of stomach virus and the poor thing had the runs so I know he didn't feel great. Anyway, I did not feel the need to capture his droopy face so we waited until Friday to pull the camera out again.

Up the mountains we ventured to pick out that perfect Christmas tree! I am not sure if this is a tradition we will be continuing in years to come. Although I have enjoyed it the last few years, It just feels more like a hassle than an adventure nowadays. Sebastian in the car for 6 hours just to pick out a tree....not ideal. Lowes may be looking mighty fine next year :)

The weather wasn't too terribly cold, only when you were in the shade and then the wind started howling, did you start to feel the shiver.

Don't you just LOVE his hat?!?
Get a load of this HAM...

What a lady killer....his hat even says his name!!!

I think he looks like his Mommy but everyone else says he is Daddy all the way.

There is no mistaking that my child has my coloring cute!
Uncle Kamerin and Samantha enjoying the Cider

Uncle Sam looking sharp

Searching for the perfect tree

We were like the Mob, lol.

Some of the girls hung back and let the guys do all the work :)
Mamie and Sebastian

Jonathan handling his pole

So cute...Samantha and Kamerin

Josh, Pops, Pierce, Kamerin and Samantha

Hanging out

Wes didn't make it the whole time

Aunt Kristyn, Aunt Kelly and Wesley

Pat and Kris found their tree
We all gathered in the barn and around the campfire for a few minutes to warm up and drink cider.

Checking out Baby Wesley

Hanging with Pops


He was a great sport for all of the driving we did...

On Saturday, we helped Mamie and Pops put up their tree and make it all pretty!!!

He is ALL boy, loves some football!

Daredevil...Look Mom, I am on the first step all by myself!

Such a cutie though!

Aunt Kelly snoozed with Wesley a lot!

BIG, BIG tree!

Then we had a tantrum...yes, I snapped a picture before picking him up...I am such a mean mom!

Grumpy baby equals naptime!

Pilar holding Wesley!
Pops spoiled all of us and made us some top notch sirloin for dinner on Saturday.

Uncle Sam doing a bang up job of holding Wesley.

Kristyn and Patrick

Samantha and Kamerin

Pierce and Pops cooking

YES, my dear Blog readers...I captured that fabulous smile!

Uncle Sam, you are just so funny!

So lovable!
After dinner, Mamie pulled out some old toys and kept Sebastian occupied for awhile.

Lilly joined in and it was great!

Finally, the tree decorating got underway in the Roth household!

The Lindsey Family

Starting the decorating

Pierce and Pilar

Yes, my evil child lol

Pierce and Kamerin

Kelly and Kamerin

Content not to hang ornaments

But Mommy insisted

Yes, that is my very round belly with baby inside!

Thank goodness I've only gained 8 lbs cause I can't imagine more than that at this point.

So good at helping

Daddy's turn

Emma and Katelynn

Helping Daddy hang them up high

Kristyn and Wesley

Wesley hanging his first ornament ever!

The Dean Gang

I think this is the only time Uncle Pierce held Wesley

What is that look for Sebastian?

Sitting with Mommy.
Oh Aunt Pilar!

Mamie passing out ornaments

Kate and Josh

Wes, Pilar and Aunt Janet

Pops and Wesley


Aunt Kelly wrestling with Sebastian
Well, this post has gone considerably longer than I anticipated...SO, I am going to finish up here and start anew with Sunday's activities at our house :) What a great weekend, great Thanksgiving and great tree decorating!