Sunday, December 1, 2013

Our 1st, 3rd and 6th Thanksgiving Celebration

As the title of this post clearly was Paisley's 1st Thanksgiving, Sebastian's 3rd and mine and Jonathan's 6th Thanksgiving together! feels like we've been together for a long time but actually counting up the years just seems crazy, 6 years!

It was a great celebration with tons of tasty foods! I made my first ever cheesecake...snickerdoodle, it was not pretty but tasted great! I also made my usual corn casserole (Jonathan's favorite), a new cranberry punch recipe and new pumpkin fluff dip as an appetizer...all were very tasty! 

We celebrated at Mamie and Pops' house (my parents) and most of the usual, large gang, showed up 😋!

Both of the babies got dressed up for the holiday and in a very rare occurrence....I got a picture of them BOTH SMILING!

She is so proud of her new found ability to stand!

I told him one more picture then it was time to leave and so he was sure to make me keep my promise...

Paisley is so cute when she is gumming all her Cheerios!

Sebastian looked studdly in his tie...

She is also much more happy to help in the kitchen then her older brother.

She was more of a mascot then an actual help...

Sebastian passed on the turkey and everything else and instead opted for some nuggets...he is very hard to please!

He then settled down for snooze.

Another great day to be thankful for so many things! I am MOST THANKFUL for my beautiful home, stable jobs, a full pantry, the ability to stay home and raise my babies, spending everyday with the LOVE OF MY LIFE...

AND being blessed to be the mama to two of the most incredible children in the world! 


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