Sunday, November 30, 2014

You've Been Socked

I decided to start a new tradition at work this month...


I filled two Christmas socks with yummy candy and distributed them at work. It should cause a chain reaction to spread some holiday cheer. 

Who doesn't love a chocolatey surprise on Monday mornings?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christmas Decoration Project

I have completed another one of my many projects, this one was super easy so I decided to share.  

The inspiration is from Pinterest, of course:

There were no instructions so I just guessed on the supplies. I was planning on putting it outside so I left off the gingerbread dolls. 

I found lanterns on Amazon, a flower pot hanger at Lowes, garlands and ornaments at Big Lots, and lights and bows at Target. That's it...pretty simple right? Just assemble it all together.

My little helpers:

Milo's First Zoo Trip

Several weeks ago, we ventured to the Riverbanks Zoo for Milo's first zoo visit and Paisley's first being old enough to know what an animal is. My mom took some amazing pictures and I finally got my hands on them to share with everyone. We had a great time, it was very laid back and we just enjoyed taking our time and looking at each exhibit.

These little boogers were in candy land...everything was so new and exciting.

Despite the zoo being under construction, we still got to see a lot and weren't bothered by the new layout.

There were so many wonderful creatures to see.

This little man definitely has his daddy's crazy personality.

Just wanted to share all these amazing photos of my pride and joys with everyone...we always love a great trip to the zoo!