Wednesday, December 18, 2013

All Day with Mommy Day

Okay, everyday is an 'all day with Mommy day' but today just felt more like a Mommy date day then all the rest. We started the day with hanging out at home, watching cartoons and having a scrumptious breakfast.

Daddy informed us that he would need to work late so we were on our own for the whole day and most if the night. We headed out to run some errands after lunch. 

The shopping center that we went to had a neat little set up with a sleigh...perfect for climbing on and taking pictures.

A nice lady walking by took our picture for us.

Sebastian got a Starbucks out of the deal...can't complain when he was so good at the store. 

At the grocery store he did pick a fight with the cart...came away with a black cheek! It's much more purple now, poor baby.

He played in boxes while I wrapped :) I always loved playing with boxes.

We finished up the evening with our nightly book.

For Jonathan's 5th day of Christmas, he was greeted in his car this morning with a bag and little note.

A whole bag of Take 5 candy bars! Also, I rounded up a picture of his mousepad with 4 pictures on it!

How could you not love looking at those faces everyday?!?

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