Sunday, April 27, 2014

Strawberry Tasting and a Bit of Picking

I am so thrilled that a strawberry farm has opened literally across the street from my neighborhood entrance...and it's wonderful! We took the mere two minute straight drive to farm this past Saturday and loaded up on tons of sweet berries! It was Paisley's 1st time picking strawberries...she didn't actually pick any...and Sebastian's 2nd, he thought it was cool the first 5 minutes then was over it all! 

The farm was wonderful, the owners super sweet and they had plenty to keep the kiddos occupied. Sebastian loved feeding the chickens, we had to do it twice...then he really enjoyed playing on their obstacle course/playground. 

I'm not sure who was having more fun...

We stuck with the chandler variety of strawberries as they were supposed to be the sweetest and went home with 5.5 lbs!

Yes, she is standing all unassisted and taking lots of consecutive steps!!!

She was far more intrigued by the straw then the strawberries.

Losing interest...

Completely done with this...

Had to visit the chickens again...

We finished up the cute evening by tasting some of our strawberries and sipping on an Icee while playing on the playground! Highly recommend you enjoy a visit to a farm this spring!

(That's his cheese face!)

(Not very happy I took the Icee away to shoot the picture!)

(She was an Icee hog!)

Of course, it wouldn't be an adventure without a boo boo...he busted his lip too, poor guy!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

18 Week Ultrasound

We finally made it to our 18 week ultrasound...sometimes it felt like we had waited forever and then others I was like "geez, 18 weeks already!" September can take its time getting here, I need more time to spoil the two I have...and not be sore from delivery. I feel like it takes longer to recover from delivery then adjust to having a new baby. 

The ultrasound went beautifully...we had a wonderful tech who explained everything in detail. She was very sweet and that just makes the whole process more exciting. It was the first time I actually got a great profile picture! I would always see these wonderful profile pictures and wonder how they got those cause all mine were always blurry or almost profile! I was so worried that baby wouldn't cooperate for us finding out the gender since we were actually having a gender party this time. BUT, it did wonderfully...when it came time to see, the baby was very accommodating. 

We have the in-depth fetal medicine ultrasound to rule out any birth defects or issues due to our past history and family history. Thankfully, everything looked great...we have a very heathy baby growing in there. We can't wait for it to join our family in the fall!