Friday, January 23, 2015

Atlanta Zoo

We finished up our crazy quick trip with a visit to the Atlanta Zoo before driving home. We needed an activity that would wear out the kids for the trip home. 

Our plan worked out great...

Helen, GA

In an attempt to break up the 5 hour drive to Atlanta, we decided to stop in Helen, GA and do some walking. Very cute little town but not much to do as far as we could tell. We spent an hour walking the streets and found a place to enjoy dinner before finishing the last hour and a half to Atlanta.

Georgia Aquarium

We planned a very last minute mini-trip to Atlanta for some quality family time. I love my extended family and adore how close we live to most of them but sometimes you just have to enjoy time away...with just your husband and babies! Neither Jonathan nor I had ever been to Atlanta and we knew the Aquarium was a big tourist attraction. 

The kids loved it and Jonathan and I enjoyed it about as much as they did. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Afterwards, we let the kids play at a park right across the street.

Atlanta is a beautiful city...everything was clean and beautifully laid out. I could definitely live there.

Playroom is Organized

I'm so happy with how everything came together in the playroom! As I mentioned before, I got a great after Christmas sale at Pottery Barn Kids for the wall cabinet and mini sectional. They were easy to assemble and work perfectly in the room! 

Oh how I love clean chaos! It won't look like this for too long but at least I have many more options for cleanup! 

2015 Project #1 complete!