Toddler Activities Project

The Christmas after Sebastian was born, my mom bought me a book entitled, "The Everything Toddler Activities Book" by Joni Levine, M. Ed. I thought it looked very interesting but, at the time, I had a three month old...not a toddler, so the book was shoved onto the baby bookshelf and forgotten for a bit.

While preparing for a recent trip, I discovered it again. I packed it up, along with a few toys and hoped to read some of the pages while on the airplane. Of course, traveling with a toddler leaves NO TIME for leisure reading and it sat in the backpack the entire trip. I did finally manage to pull it out and start glancing through the pages once I got home. It has sparked a project idea!!!

I have only been able to make it through the first 10 pages or so but some of the activities I have already tried with Sebastian and they work! Some are so simple they almost seem stupid but to a toddler, simple is better. The activities are for children 18 months through 5 years and take very little prep work, they are great to get you thinking in the right direction and helping you and your toddler have a little fun along the way.

There are a few that I know Sebastian will not enjoy, so we will skip those but my project idea is to go through the book and try as many activities as possible and let my blogger and Facebook fans know how they went!

I anticipate the activities increasing drastically in May, as I will be on maternity leave and will have plenty of time to entertain a busy toddler AT HOME (sweetly smiling right now). I enjoy my maternity leave the most when it comes to the whole being pregnant and having a new little one process. As a full-time working Mama, time off with your little ones is a valued treasure!

Anyway, if any other Mama's want to join in the Toddler Activities Project, let me know....we can share which projects we are working on and the book is only a few dollars online!

I will be posting the results of our activities soon...

Project # 1 : Soap Crayons
Project #2 : Sponge Seedlings
Project #3: Umbrella Shower

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