Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hopefully Headed in the Right Direction

Our day started off rough...again...Paisley was much worse as far as her cold went. Continuous cough, more snot then I care to clean up and crying and crying and crying...which is very unusual for her. Typically, she settles down once I pick her up but today she was just miserable. I was actually unable to soothe her for so long that she lost her voice and had a silent cry...very sad! So, we headed back to the doctor! Now, I know how lucky I am that Sebastian has never had an ear infection (he is two) and Paisley was following suit, until today! I hate how doctors grill into you to wait out a sickness and try to let them get over it on their own...Paisley started to show signs of sickness on Tuesday, by today (Friday) she ended up having double ear infections, a sinus infection and an upper respitory infection! Needless to say, she has suffered through her sickness long enough. So, now both the babies are on 10 day antibiotics...oh joy!

On a happier note...I started my new tradition today, Twelve Days of Christmas for my True Love. Each day from now until Christmas Eve, I will be doing or giving something to Jonathan that is related to the number of that day. So, today I gave him 1 pair of Ray Ban P sunglasses. 

I also treated him to a homemade breakfast to start off the tradition...cinnamon roll waffles.

Later, Sebastian, Paisley and I headed for our date with the cousins. We were ready to decorate the cinnamon ornaments and bake sugar cookies! 

After we baked the sugar cookies, Paisley started to feel pretty miserable, we headed home (we'll decorate our cookies tomorrow).

Doesn't she look so sad?

She perked up a bit at home but really loved seeing Daddy!

She's a hugger!

We opened our book...which Sebastian tossed aside and then proceeded to find last nights book and have it re-read to him!

We all cuddled up on the couch to watch a movie together!

He insisted on sitting right behind my head!

Have a great December weekend!!!

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