Sunday, December 15, 2013

On the Mend...Thank God!

This household seems to finally be on the  mend! Not 100% but certainly not headed downhill anymore. The kiddos seem to have turned a corner since being on their antibiotics...unfortunately, they have not done anything nice to their poor digestive systems but it has nipped the infection in the butt! 

Sebastian enjoying some goldfish while watching a film this morning.

So, we did some much needed cleaning, laundry and gift wrapping this morning before heading out to run errands. 

We watched our beloved Carolina Panthers kick some NY Jet butts this afternoon...further securing their playoff spot! 

I have Jonathan oozing with curiosity every morning as to what comes next in his 12 Days of far it's a huge success! Today was the 3rd day of Christmas so he opened his dresser drawer to a present with this tag...

Everyone can always use new underwear!!! We continued our other traditions as well.

Daddy read it to Paisley! 

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