Saturday, May 24, 2014

Lazy 5 Ranch Adventure

As a last minute decision we reserved (I'm not sure why cause you still had to wait forever to get on the wagon) a ride through the Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville, NC. You have the option of driving your car through the ranch and feeding from the window or taking a wagon. We opted for the wagon as I cherish my cars newness too much! 

Sebastian loved "eat (feeding)" the animals but Paisley was the funny one...she spotted every animal no matter how close or far and just had to point and jump up and down excitedly. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Busy Life is a Happy One!

We have been quite busy these past few weeks...lots of field trips, errands, appointments, & looking forward to the long weekend! 

Here's a semi-quick recap:

Let's start at the Charlotte Fair...way too pricey, won't go again but we made lasting memories and enjoyed ourselves nonetheless!

We tried out the new putt putt that opened just miles from our house! 

That was pretty fun to watch!

We have been certain to give our playset and backyard plenty of use! His new favorite game is "Mom save me!"

Daddy makes a great slide monster!

We have been cooling off in the pool daily!

Lots of Popsicles!

Target is a great getaway from home...with a/c!

Love the baby! We spend hours in the toy aisles. 

We fit naps in when possible!

Visit indoor play places!

While sampling the cuisine.

We create fire!!!! Then it rains! Yes notice the jackets? Suddenly had a temperature drop to 50s and 60s...crazy!

Make a few repairs...just bought it too, they don't make things like they used to!

Barbecued some delicious food!

Learned a new word "hetza" and waited patiently for daddy to bring one home...with plenty of pepperoni!

Grew up...overnight!

Went back to putt putt with more friends! Really loved the giant bear.

Went to the Asheboro Zoo with buddies! Did not realize we were embarking on a great HIKE! Lots of exercise with that one, not going back without a spouse to help :)

Tried to be good at Mommy's doctor appointment...23 weeks and counting fast!

We waited quite awhile...

So in a long post with lots of pictures....that's life! We are enjoying every minute with our healthy, happy babies! It's going to be a busy but GREAT summer!