Thursday, December 12, 2013

Momma is Sick Too!

Well, after spending most of last night rocking, soothing and pacifying poor little Paisley...I am pooped! Paisley and I were up until 2:30am watching a cheesy Christmas movie while trying to get her nose clear enough for her to breathe through. When I finally got her to go to sleep and laid her in bed, it lasted a mere 30 minutes. Every half hour or so she would toss and turn and realize her nose was clogged and be up again. I got about 3 hours of combined sleep last night...I'm running on fumes. I am also coming down with this awful illness that both Sebastian and Paisley have been inflicted with! 

We will most likely have to skip Gymboree class again tomorrow so we don't spread the germs! 

I did manage to do some shopping today! Thanks to Uncle Sam for babysitting Sebastian so I only had to wrangle one sick child through the mall! 

Paisley enjoying butter crackers.

We finished this uneventful day with our usual new book. 

Oh, and I ordered our Christmas cards today :)

Look at this girl go...

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