Monday, June 24, 2013

Paisley's Ear Piercing

Less than a minute after they were pierced!
We finally did it! My mama pierced my ears when I was 4 weeks old, I grew up with earrings as a part of my life, no big deal...I could always wear them and had no idea what it felt like to have them pierced until I got my second holes at age 19. I wanted to get Paisley's done early as well. Since she was 4 weeks early, we decided to wait until she was 8 weeks old or 2 months to be sure her earlobes were big enough. I know a lot of people wait until their daughters are much older and give them a "choice" but I have never met a girl who didn't have or want their ears pierced and I feel like it is much better to have them done when they are too young to remember or mess with them. I spoke with several different moms and children who had them done when they were about 6 or 7 and two out of the three wish they had been done when they were a baby. One of them said she messed with the earrings a lot when she was 6 and so they got infected and it was a lot more painful. The other said it was a HUGE ordeal when they went to the mall to have hers done and she cried the whole time (even though she wanted them and had chosen to do it) she said it was very traumatic. Even the third one, although she didn't say she regretted having them done older, she said she had a huge fear of any adult toughing her ears for many years afterwards. 

I also spoke with many moms who had their babies done when they were younger than 6 months and they all said it was a breeze and much better when mom is taking care of them. I agree, I would rather be the one who is taking care of the cleaning and care of the newly pierced ears and I know how much kids mess with things so it is much better when she is too young to know they are even there. 

It was a breeze once we found a qualified place to do it. I had to call around to quite a few places and ended up at the Piercing Pagoda in one of our malls. The two people who did it had been piercing for more than 13 yrs and had done hundreds of babies, so I felt very confident that they were qualified. 

I also got a very sweet email from a viewer of my blog who saw my last post about having them done. She gave me some very useful tips on the before and aftercare. She recommended Tylenol before the piercing and then to apply Origel on her earlobes as we left the house (never would have thought of that but makes perfect sense). 

Believe me when I say, she literally cried for about 20 seconds. She hated having her arms held most of all but as for the actual piercing, they did it and she cried one big whale and then I turned her around and comforted her on my shoulder and she was quiet. They were red for about an hour but no blood, no more crying...she was fine and looking ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE with her little heart studs. Jonathan was indifferent about the whole thing and just said he trusted me to do whatever I thought was best, but he was ooggling over her afterwards exclaiming how beautiful she looked with her earrings.

30 minutes after the piercing, sharing her beautiful smile.

The day after the piercing, not phased at all.

Our beautiful little lady!
So, thank you to all who gave feedback and offered up was very helpful! She looks beautiful!

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  1. This was a perfect age to pierce her ears! She is totally precious with those cute earrings. You were a smart mommy for doing it now. Literally, I was swooning over them when I saw her.

    Initially, I was conflicted when to pierce our dd's ears. Funny, it was actually never a concern or desire of mine to pierce her ears and the idea never even came up in conversation between hubby and I, or anyone else for that matter.

    All of a sudden I saw an infant with her ears pierced. I nearly died; It was SO cute. Too cute. I couldn't handle it. Then after I noticed that baby, I noticed ALL the babies with their ears pierced. This became a fever, very much like when I was feverish for an engagement ring, and then feverish again every time I spotted a pregnant woman or a baby. Now all I see is little baby girls with darling studs and tiny hoops. Then we went to Jenny's birthday party and the little princess had pearls in her ears!

    I believe it is always best done early when she wouldn’t remember and have mommy care for them during the healing phase. When they’re older, they will think they are a part of them and won’t bother them.