Monday, June 10, 2013

Disney World...Booked

I seem to be one of those people who tries to do everything too early, like the I-want-to-get-Sebastian-a-bike-before-he-was-even-walking-sort-of-person...I think it is because I am so excited to see him do things that I just can't wait! So, in true fashion...I have been dying to plan a vacation to Disney World! Despite numerous recommendations to wait several more years cause my babies are too young and won't remember the trip, I am so excited to take my babies to experience the magical world of imagination! Jonathan and I have been on so few trips/vacations with just our little family that I figured this was perfect. I don't care if they remember the trip, they will have fun in the moment and I will have tons of great memories! We decided several weeks ago that we would plan a trip for Sebastian's 2nd birthday...I have since been firming up the details!

Now, it's officially BOOKED! Disney World, here we late October 2013!

We will be staying in the Art of Animation Resort's Finding Nemo Suite!

We have asked Sebastian's dear Uncle Sam to come along for some fun...Sebastian adores his uncle and since Sam is still a kid for at least one more year ;) we wouldn't have him miss out on this adventure!

Paisley will not be old enough to participate in any of the activities but she can hang with Mommy and assume the role of princess of the caravan! I am positive she will be the best dressed the entire week!

She seems okay with that! Sebastian has grown a great love for movies so I am so excited for our better believe I will be posting TONS of pictures during and after so you've been warned!!!

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