Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Post Where I get to Show Off My Beautiful Babies

Sebastian and Paisley's Uncle Isaac is a wonderful photographer but is based out of Florida so we don't get to see him often. When he does come up we always look forward to him taking pictures, he is at an advantage because he gets to spend more than a few hours with them and catches them in great moods. These are some of the wonderful lifestyle pictures that he took during his visit at Jonathan's graduation. Sebastian was the star spotlight since he was in a great mood and just loved hanging out with Uncle Isaac!

Thank you so much, Isaac at IQ Photography, for these great candid shots!

At Jonathan's Graduation...May 11, 2013!

Hanging with his cousins in the backyard, after the graduation ceremony.

Can you tell that he has a personality just like his Daddy? He is the life of the party! Paisley, on the other hand, is like her Mama...a tad more reserved.

All photos were taken by IQ Photography

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