Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Graduation Celebration

This post has been slightly delayed because I was waiting for some more, better than IPhone, pictures to post with it. I had to order some from the college and we all know they work at a slugs pace. So, let's begin:

It was an entire weekend of fun activities and hanging out with family and friends! I could definitely see the excitement in Jonathan, excitement for both seeing his family and finally accomplishing his goal of becoming a college graduate (in a field I would not have been able to pass in)! He was gitty and running around crazy trying to finish up his final exams, help clean the house, shop for groceries, spend time with his TWO babies, and arrange to start working on the Monday following his graduation.

Aunt Kristyn, Uncle Patrick and Wesley drove up from Florida for the weekend (for Kelly's graduation). They also got to meet Paisley for the first time and I got to hold my sweet nephew for the first time since Christmas!

Ten of Jonathan's family members made the long trip up from Florida to be here and support him on his big day...which meant the WORLD to him. Unfortunately but also very happily, Kelly was graduating from App State on the very same day and nearly the same time, so my family was not able to be two places at once. They were very sad to miss the festivities but had to be there for Kelly's big day!

The crew arrived around 10:00pm on Thursday, not the ideal time to see Sebastian is a good mood but we worked with it. He was on an antibiotic for a sinus infection and already felt crummy, the introduction of ten new people in his home proved to be too much at first. He was quietly sitting on the couch with his warm tea, just observing with hesitation, not crying or running for Mom and Dad UNTIL, he saw his Aunt Brandi carrying Paisley! He just lost it, pointing, reaching and sobbing...someone stole his baby sister! It took about thirty minutes in Mama's lap for him to finally realize they were all here to spoil him!

Friday was a very laid back day of just enjoying the company. We tried to go strawberry picking but as I feared, the farm was "closed for ripening" seems like it is ALWAYS closed for ripening! So, we explored the area with a nice scenic drive before heading back to the house to prepare some chili for dinner, it was some really delicious chili!

With Uncle Isaac

Saturday was a bit more crazy! Jonathan and I were running around making sure we had everything we needed and everything in place to arrive at his graduation ceremony by 2pm. Knowing my own child and having a barely 6 week old newborn to manage without the reliable assistance of my husband, we had already predetermined that we would be leaving Sebastian with a sitter for the ceremony. No toddler needs to sit through a three hour commencement, especially my very attention needy and hyperactive one...THANKFULLY, my Aunt Janet was available to watch him for the afternoon, lifesaver!!!

Jonathan very proudly strode across the stage to accept his congratulations! He was grinning from ear to ear and I was so happy to be there to see it, I guess his baby girl knew I needed to be there and ensured she arrived early enough for it to be possible. She was originally due a whole ten days before graduation. 

Afterwards, we headed home for a cookout! Delicious hotdogs and gourmet hamburgers graced the grill as we all just enjoyed the beautiful weather and wonderful company! 

Talking about logic with his Grandpa.

Sebastian played with his cousins: Hunter, Junior, Kayla and Abby and loved sharing his backyard with everybody. 

It was a beautiful celebratory weekend and we were sad to see everyone leave on Sunday but so thankful they were able to come visit! 

We enjoyed a quiet Mother's Day at home and Jonathan started working at his full time job the very next day!

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