Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lake James Summer Vacation

Paisley went on her first family vacation this past week, we headed out to Lake James for some peace and tranquility (and craziness with 15 people)!

I did not get a whole lot of pictures as there was a lot of sitting around and the weather did not cooperate almost the entire week! When it was briefly sunny, Paisley and I elected to stay on shore as the required life vest ate up her tiny 9 lb frame! So, I am going to give you a look into our trip through the pictures I did get...these do not include the IPhone pictures, which I am sure you all saw all over Instagram and Facebook:)

Lilly getting so grown up.

Uncle Kamerin

After a long battle over the Snyders, Sebastian's hunger won out.

The long trek from the house to the lake.

Mamie and Paisley

Aunt Kristyn and was actually pretty chilly while we were there!

Uncle Kamerin

The boys getting ready to go out on the jetski, one of the few days it was sunny.

One of my favorites...LOOK AT SEBASTIAN'S GRIN!

Uncle Josh and Wesley

The floor is a great playground

Aunt Pilar

Pops and Mamie

Aunt Kelly

Watch out! He's lethal!

Don't know if you can tell but Sebastian is on there too.

Wesley enjoying the pool.

Despite the weather being horribly oppositional, it was a great relaxing week just hanging out with family...ALL the family, which is something that doesn't happen often.

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