Monday, June 17, 2013

Paisley's 2 Month Check-Up

We ventured back to the peditrician's office today, thankfully it was for a "well visit!" Between the stitches, stomach virus, sinus infection, bladder infection and stitch removal, it has felt like we spend every week there! 19 months old has not been as good to us as the last 18 were!

Paisley, on the other hand, has been doing great...she had a minor stuffy nose at 1 month but since then has been in excellent health! We so very grateful that although she looks exactly like her brother, her temperament is drastically different. She is happy almost 90% of the time and when she is crying, there usually is a reason. She is a pretty good eater and still gets up twice, in the middle of the night, for feedings but I don't mind, we're in a routine now. 

She LOVES to be held! She talks to mommy a lot and smiles when mommy talks back! She is great at holding her head up, not perfect yet but almost there. She enjoys a bath or shower, but feels most comfortable up against someone. 

She is in love with her brother, she can't keep her eyes off him if he is nearby. 

Daddy is her main man though...he is fun to smile at!

Her 2 month check-up went well, she weighed in at 11 lbs 10 ozs and is 22 inches long. She is in the 35th percentile for weight and 12th for height so she is a petite little thing!

Those were definitely taken before she was given her 5 vaccines! She had that slight cold at her 1 month appointment so she couldn't get her Hep B shot. Unfortunately, she had to make up for it at this appointment.  She actually only cried during the shots, she was easily soothed afterwards...she has just been a little sleepy and grumpy since then. This is exactly why I want to get her ears pierced before she is too old to remember. We are going to try again this has been a battle of differing information, lol. They are just earrings for God's sake, I've had mine pierced 6 times! You can have your son circumcised within days of being born but everyone under the sun has something to say about how old your daughter should be before getting her ears pierced!

Anyway, she looks adorable in ANY outfit I put her in...she will be one lucky girl when it comes to shopping cause she looks beautiful in every color.

She was not at all a fan of the nice cool water at the pool...hence the sweaty hair! But once again, she looked beautiful in her bathing suit!

She is becoming quite the lovely lady and is more spoiled than ever, by everyone in the family! We are looking forward to celebrating her baptism on July 6th! We are so thrilled to have her in our lives...I can't imagine this world without her...she completes our family!!!

Daddy was working hard, otherwise he would have been in this picture with us!

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  1. Was searching for a GF's blog and found yours. Started reading your posts and came to this one wanting to have your dd's ears pierced early. I did our dd at six weeks after asking our ped. She encouraged me to do it when mommy cares for them. Agree there can be conflicting info. Lots of moms stop and ask me so tell them my two reasons:

    First, when I asked my pediatrician, and she said the younger the better. They won’t play with them (less infection risk) you can make sure they are cleaned, and it will hurt less when they are younger (less emotional ‘pain’ or fear). Modern sterile methods with disposable ear piercing earrins make it more desirable and better done as an infant. This is true because mommy is caring for them. How do they really do having it done as babies? Well, she cried just long enough for me to pick her up, and it was over. she is 10 months, and we have never had any issues.

    Second, why did I decide to have our dd's ears as an infant vs older? Well, I kept seeing more and more babies and little girls with cute earrings and that pushed me to go ahead. I followed our ped's tips on finding the right place, type of earrings to use and aftercare of newly pierced ears. I took her to Piercing Pagoda and she did fine and looks adorable.

    If you or any moms want our ped's suggestions, drop me an e-mail.