Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Million Directions this Week

Beat doesn't really even begin to describe how I feel this week! With my parents out of the country, happily enjoying a loooong overdue honeymoon in Bora Bora, however, that means I am doing double time between two houses. I have the pleasure of watching over my two younger, but not that young, brothers. Kamerin is a self sufficient 18 year old who just needs the occasional look in on and Samuel is a blossoming 15 year old, need I say more. So, between keeping them company and keeping busy at work...who wouldn't think it funny to add a sick baby to the load?!? I can't tell if its still the teething or a bug or just mood swings but he is just a 'pill' this week. I have had to pull out some unique tricks to get him smiling again. I AM EXHAUSTED....just 7 more days til half the load is lifted, lol. Not to mention that my houes really needs to be cleaned and I am supposed to be working on my beach bod for this amazing cruise we are going on in several weeks!

I WILL MAKE IT, I hope but seriously doubt!

Jonathan is in his finals week as well, so he has pretty much been spending all of his time can do it babe, only one week left!

We have had Kamerin, Samuel, Pierce, Pilar and Mike over for dinner several days this week, gotta make sure they don't starve :) Tuesday Night, we did a Taco was delicious if I do say so myself. I had never done it that way before but it was rather enjoyable and I highly reccomend it! I just cooked two chicken breasts in some seasoning and then shredded them for one meat option, then cooked ground turkey in taco seasoning for the second meat option. I cooked up some bacon, cut up some lettuce and green onions for toppings with two salsas to choose from and some cheese and sour cream. I also had hard and soft taco shells to choose was delicious and a lot of fun to sit around and eat and talk while everyone made their tacos.

SO, I highly reccomend a Taco Buffet Night! Kamerin also helped me make some homemade ice cream...Reese's Peanut Butter and was quite tasty too....obviously NOT a good choice when you are working on your beach bod though!

Uncle Kamerin also took a nice ride through the neighborhood with Sebastian in the baby basket! They were really cute!!!

WATCH ME bike ride:

At the end of the night, we said goodbye to the boys and packed it in...I noticed however, that Sebastian found it to be HILARIOUS when I said Bye Bye to the boys...cracked him up everytime!!!

WATCH ME laugh at Bye Bye:

He has such a great laugh when you get him going!

YESTERDAY...we pulled a usual Wednesday at work and fought through it as best we could. Sebastian just was NOT happy. He whimpered through the day and I eventually gave in and took him home a tad early. His iffy mood did not improve when we got home so I chatted with him for awhile and then got him calmed down enough to try a little bit of solid food. He has to be in a good mood or patient in order for me to offer him solid foods. If he is grumpy or fussy he just chokes on everything that goes into his mouth.
I was successful in getting him interested when he saw me eating blueberries so I thought we would give it a try. I offered him some Macaroni and Veggie Gerber Baby Food...which he surprisingly enjoyed just a little bit...he was quickly losing interest though...that's when I pulled out my bag of tricks....this kid LoVEs bread! He just gobbles it up when I offer him small pieces. So, I pulled a muffin out of the cabinet and alternated bits of muffin with the Macaroni and he had his first ever full meal without breastmilk.

Yay, for one small success in the mist of him not feeling well.

WATCH ME eat dinner:

WATCH ME get cleaned up by Daddy:

So far this morning, Sebastian slept in until 7:45am...maybe he just needed some more sleep...I must say that I do enjoy waking up and taking my time in the morning and hanging out with him! I think I could get used to being a stay-at-home pressure my wonderful husband (hint hint: but I think that would mean you need to find your forever job lol). wasn't just more sleep he needed, I guess we'll be taking a sick day...I don't mind, now I might be able to get some of my MUCH NEEDED housework accomplished!

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