Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Episode V: The Final Two Days

After visiting St. Maarten, we had two days at sea getting back to Fort Lauderdale...they were a very rocky two days! Hurricane Beryl was making its way around Florida so the seas were a bit nauseating.

Hanging with the boys!
What a look.
We went to a character breakfast Thursday morning...

Jonathan and the boys went rock exhausted them lol.




Uncle Sam

Uncle Josh

Jonathan and Sebastian and I got some family time on Thursday...we went to hang out at the pizza parlor and explore the ship and shops a bit.

He became such a character with Mommy and Daddy's full attention.

Mommy kisses

We were not really feeling headed to Johnny's for some old diner food. Sebastian LOVED the dancing waiters and loud music, he was cutting a rug the whole time.

The crazy waiter

We had so much fun!

Watch me DANCE:

The crew hit up the FlowRider one more time before the end of the cruise...

Aunt Pilar
Such adorable curly haired boys ooggling over fruit loops!

Our last dinner onboard the Oasis of the Seas!!!

Pilar and Pierce

Sam and Pilar

Kamerin lookin steamy

My hair was a bit fuzzy

We had a AMAZING time on the Oasis of the Seas!!!
All 22 of us!

Sad to leave!

Quite the adventure!!! Thank you Kate and Josh for including us in your celebration!

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