Sunday, April 29, 2012

A teeth!!!

This post is a tad delayed, my BABY has a tooth, two in fact!!! He looks so funny when he smiles! They broke through at the beginning of the week...I have been trying to snap a picture of them ever since. I finally, FINALLY caught one!

Attempt #1 ....I made him laugh while Daddy snapped the pictures!

Attempt #2 can kinda see them on the bottom there...

Attempt #3 ....not quite!

Attempt #4 ....another failed attempt!

Attempt #5 FINALLY GOT IT....ok, so its hard to see but they are there, two on the bottom!!!

Soooooo darn cute!!! He was having a sorta, kinda funky hair day! Its wild and crazy but I don't know, adorable at the same time!

We spent some much needed time outdoors today, it rained all day Saturday and this morning but it has been gorgeous all afternoon.

We couldn't be out for too long cause my lil guy has that pale, pale skin and hair just like Mommy...He was looking lightlt toasted after only a few minutes, we enjoyed it while we could though!

Sporting some stylish sunglasses!!!

We're headed out for dinner now....more updates to come on this little bundle of joy!

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