Sunday, May 27, 2012

Episode III: All Aboard and Cruising the Seas

Are you ready for some ADORABLE PICTURES? I certainly hope so :)

Once aboard the largest cruise ship in the ocean...IT WAS HUGE PEOPLE...when we docked at St. Maarten and got to see the ship alongside another ship, the Carnival, and we realized why our vessel is so highly spoken of.

We payed a visit to our room...stateroom with a boardwalk balcony, Sebastian was a fan of the sheets right away...

Gotta love the smile and chunky thighs! His hair was curly for almost the entire trip, I couldn't keep it tame with all salty breeze brushing through it. After unloading our luggage, we began our long exploration of the ship, every nook and cranny had a purpose!
The Royal Promenade was a popular deck...bars, shopping, restaurants, Starbucks, characters in costumes, floating theatrics, and all sorts of shows took place in the Promenade.

Sebastian was tuckered out pretty quickly...Aunt Pilar managed to lug him around for awhile. We took full advantage of our first night aboard this marvelous ship and hung out in the hot tubs! Unfortunately, my one complaint about the whole experience, was that children who were not 100% potty trained were not allowed in any of the pools, even with swim diapers on. They were only permitted in one single solitary baby appointed mini pool. So, Sebastian and I hung out on the beach chairs in our robes.

The hot tub became a frequent hangout for most of the 22 people traveling with the new Baker Family!

Deck 6 was a frequent hangout for Sebastian and I along with most of the was the Boardwalk and had a Carousel, several fun dinning places, a bar, Aqua theater, ice cream shoppe, candy store, donut shop and lots of fun colored decorations!

Sebastian was tuckered out pretty quickly!
 All the site seeing the first night exhausted us so we called it a night and prepared to hit up the pools the next morning.

On our 2nd day, we made port in Nassau...we were only stayed docked from 8am to 1:30pm so several of our large party went on an excursion ashore. Sebastian and I stayed onboard with Emma and Lilly...I felt it may be a tad to difficult to navigate a foreign region with three small children all by my lonesome! So, we explored the ship instead, it was nice because we were probably the only people who stayed onboard.

Emma posing by the gold tree!

All of us enjoying an after breakfast snack at the cafe.

He loves bagel with cream cheese.

The many faces of Sebastian

Oh, he is going to be one for the Drama just like Mommy!
Lilly enjoyed looking for lizards....on a cruise ship!

Emma took a little nap!

She swore she saw one!

So freakin' adorable!
Deck 8 had the most delicious cafe on it, along with the largest plantarium at sea! It doesn't seem all that impressive...plants at sea, but it is very unual to see deck covered in trees. It was Lilly's favorite deck.

We moved down to deck 6 and the Boardwalk for awhile to play on the pretend ships until the rest of the clan made it back onboard.

Emma making funny faces

Lilly Bean
Josh and Jonathan at Sorrento, enjoying some pizza.
The next day, was an at sea day...we spent it riding the FlowRider!

Kate and Lilly soaking up the rays!
Jonathan did really well for his first time!

Sam always manages to become a pro.
 We rode the FlowRider several times, Sebastian, Jonathan and I went to hangout at the baby pool with Mamie.
Gotta love a water baby!

Such a cutie!
Watch me play in the pool:

After the pool, we headed to our first formal dinner onboard...

Sam and Kamerin



The food was fabulous...can you tell who always had the camera?

I am not used to eating a three course meal every night, it was fabulous to have so many choices. We were greeted in our room by a towel elephant...

So creative.
We changed our clothes after dinner and headed back out to deck 6 to ride the carousel for the first time.

We matched in our Mickey Mouse shirts.

Emma and Katelynn

Abi, Krista and Lilly

Sebastian and I
 Dreamworks is a sponsor of the ship so we met Alex from Madagascar!
We played on all the toys...

That's who he gets that killer smile from!

End of day two....more adventures to come...continued soon!

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