Monday, May 28, 2012

Episode IV: St. Thomas and St. Maarten

The adventure continued and we hit up the pools once again...Sebastian wore his shades and rode around in his Jeep carriage! We had so many people comment on how well off we must be to afford a Jeep stroller....I will let all my fans in on the was a whopping $49.99 at Wal-Mart! I did not want to ruin my $300 Chico or my $299 Aprica Umbrella stroller, checking it onto the plane, so we forked up the $50 to get a cheap travel stroller. It actually was quite a nice buy, it drove very well and handled everything we need it to :) Thank you Wal-Mart.

We spent a lot of time in the pools.

Sebastian was the youngest little man we came across, we met an 8 month old and a 12 month old in the baby pool but no one quite as young as him.
Dinners were a nice place to meet up with everyone and talk about the day...

Later that evening, after dinner, we were greeted in our room by a cute is he?

We had a very nice room attendant who knew us all by name after the first day, thank you, Ikebod!

We had a sleepover and Pizza Party in our room one night!

Sebastian didn't mind being the only little boy!
We made it to St. Thomas on day 4! Sebastian, Jonathan, my mom and I went out into the town to do some site seeing and shopping while the others went on some excursions. We had a blast exploring the city and visiting every jewelry shop along the way. Jonathan got a deal on Movado watch that he has been wanting for years and I found a beautiful blue diamond ring to forever remember our trip to St. Thomas! We also were able to get a very good deal on a Canon 60D camera, we have been wanting one for awhile so we just went for it...I love it!

We had fun taking lots of pictures with it...Sebastian also SUCCESSFULLY rolled over...OMG I thought the day would never come! Jonathan was beside himself with excitement...he videoed it for all to see!

Watch me Roll Over:

Such a cutie, even in pink!
We arrived in St. Maarten on day 5, and we all headed out on the town. Most of the crew was going snorkeling later in the afternoon but that morning we all wanted to walk around the town and see some culture!

From the pier.

Always smiling.

Love those bright blue eyes.

Standing in the square.

Kamerin and Pops

Aunt Pilar looking fabulous!

With mama, looking very tired.

Kamerin and Pierce.

Dada and Baby
After awhile on the town, the rest of the crew went back to go snorkeling while Lilly, Sebastian, Samuel, Jonathan and I went to check out the beach.

Sam checking out the rocks.

Digging his toes into the sand.

Beautiful beach...gorgeous blue water!

Lilly loving the sand....such a cute 4 year old.

Clearly a fan of the beach.

I was so worried that his butter-esque skin would burn to a crisp in the brutal sun.

Our wonderful roomie and fabulous helper.
So, we were enjoying the beach for a little while when we realized that Katelynn did not leave Lilly's Seapass with us. A seapass is your key to the boat, without it you cannot get on or off...period! Another little wonderful factoid...we had to take a water taxi to get from the ship to the town. We realized we were missing the pass at 12:40pm, the crew had to be at the snorkeling at 12:45pm to leave by BOOKED it back to the dock to try to catch the taxi...not an easy feat with a 4 yr old and a 7 mth old! We made it to the dock just in time to catch the taxi, which was at least a 10 minute ride. When we docked near the boat, Jonathan sprinted off the taxi and to the dock to try to catch the crew before they departed and we would be stranded onshore with Lilly til 4:30pm.
THANK THE LORD that my hubby is a fast sprinter, he caught them just as they were heading out. Samuel, Lilly, Sebastian and I met up with Jonathan once he retrieved the seapass!
After all that stress and running...we decided to head back to the ship. Lilly entertained Sebastian for a little while...

After a little recuperating, we headed back to the pool...

Although these pictures seem a tad repetative, they are just too darn cute not to post.

Such an infectious smile!

So cute together.

Water child.

Such a handsome HUNK!
 Well...this episode is getting quite long so I think we'll stop here for tonight!

I don't know if I already posted this or not but my little guy says "DADA"'s so freakin adorable to listen to him play and sit in his bouncer saying "DADA, DADA, dadadadadada" SO CUTE!!!

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