Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy MLK and Playground Fun

Sebastian decided to sleep in a little bit this morning...he made it to 9am, that's just unthinkable...he did however, stay up til 12am and was up a good amount last night but I'm still thankful for the extra two hours this morning. When we finally rolled out of bed and made our way downstairs for some breakfast we noticed the INCREDIBLE weather outside! Sebastian has been begging to play outside but its been too it was a beautiful 60 degrees and sunny. Tomorrow it is supposed to be freezing again and stay cold for quite awhile SO we took advantage!
We scarfed down some toaster strudels and then threw on some shoes and a sweater to head out with the wagon and go to the neighborhood playground. We had a blast, there was no one there so he had nobody but Mama and Daddy to play with, let me just say that it is not as easy as it used to be to climb up those damn ladders and crawl under low beams. I think they make them impossible for adults on purpose!

Well, it is past 10pm and I need to be at work early so it is time to start getting ready for bed...I wish I could  chat forever but we had a great time at the park and loved the fabulous weather. I hope everyone had a great Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!!

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  1. LOVE the outfit, and he looks JUST like Jon in that first picture!!!