Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Whole Week of Christmas Fun

Unfortunately, I did not pick up the camera until Christmas eve...but I got some pretty good ones the week of and after the celebration!

Oh no, the holiday madness has begun!

I'm going to poke Santa in the eyes and see if he notices me.
It was great to start the week off with Christmas mass...I was a good Mom and packed a slew of new toys into the diaper bag, along with some great snacks, to keep Sebastian occupied before and during the mass. He did fairly well during the ceremony...we made sure we took some pictures while we were all dressed up!

Christmas eve playing in our PJs!!!

Playing doctor with Uncle Josh!
Christmas morning fun!

Loves his cousin, Wesley!

Found his first gift!

Got his Dyson vacuum cleaner.

 Eating a mid morning snack in the presents.

What a great Christmas! For those of you who are curious...there were 19 people staying at my parents house for the Christmas holiday...that's a lot of people, food and gifts!

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