Tuesday, January 1, 2013

3-D Baby Girl Ultrasound

The day after Christmas we went for a 3-D Ultrasound at a local little place called 3D Dreams! We never did a 3D with Sebastian because Jonathan was not very fond of them and thought it made the baby look like a clay monster BUT I wanted to do something different this time that we didn't do last time. It turned out great...we had such a great time! More than two people were allowed to come...actually she said they have had up to 18 people there for one, yikes! We had a slightly smaller crowd but still filled up the place. We left Sebastian home with Pops and Aunt Kristyn while Mamie, Aunt Katelynn, Aunt Kelly, Uncle Kamerin, Lilly, Jonathan and I went to see our little girl! It was a really great after Christmas gift! The two ladies were wonderful and so patient and explained EVERYTHING to us and really took their time to make sure we enjoyed ourselves and saw everything we wanted to.

We came home with big grins on our faces and 65 pictures on a disk along with that many printed pictures and video of the entire ultrasound on DVD....and it was not unreasonably expensive either! I highly recommend doing a 3D ultrasound and if you live in our area, I definitely recommend 3D Dreams!

So, I will not be posting all 65 pictures and since Blogger is awful when it comes to uploading videos, I am going to give a sampling of the pictures and try to put snippets of the videos up. Now, because she is only developed to 22 weeks at the time of the ultrasound...she is "very skinny" as the tech stated several times so she is a very boney little thing right now :)

Her heart rate was 150 bpm (beats per minute)

She was dead set on keeping her hands up near her face for the entire 45 minutes!

Baby feet are so adorable

She had her legs crossed...such a lady already!

Yes, we confirmed it is a little girl....the equal sign is "unmistakable" as the tech said!

As you can see, she is quite active and kicked throughout the entire ultrasound!

I think she is pretty cute already.

If you measure the leg bone...
The head...

and the abdominal...
You can figure out her current size and gest age.
She is the perfect size and weight for her age!

Hands were always in the way!

Sucking her thumb!

Awesome experience...we will probably go back around 31-32 weeks when she is a bit bigger so we can see facial expressions and get some more shots of her face and features! Very excited to meet this little girl!


  1. These are awesome and kind of creepy haha. Can't wait to meet her too

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