Sunday, January 6, 2013

Grey Nightmare

I am not sure if I can effectively detail the frustration we have gone through with finding a grey paint for the nursery...but I'm going to try!

We found what we thought was a perfect match...Hi Ho Silver at Lowes, it matched the fabric swatch beautifully. But and this is a big BUT....on the is clearly BLUE! There is not even a silver tint to this damn shade it looks like a baby boy nursery! Jonathan painted three walls with it before giving up and proclaiming he hated the color!

So, off to Lowes I went to explain the problem...THEY WERE NO HELP! Simply stated..."it's supposed to be grey but I can't guarantee what it will look like on the wall", thanks for the help, supposed expert! So, I chose a completely different color that he swore was not at all in the blue was a more black tint!

I get home, Jonathan tries it on a wall and we wait for it to dry..................what do you know, it's merely a darker shade of the Hi Ho Silver! Completely different company and brand but the same stupid color! If I failed that miserably at my job, I would at least have to give a refund but oh no..."it's non-refundable ma'am!"

There were unpleasant words I wanted to say at this point but I refrained! Now we are a week behind in painting and heading to Benjamin Moore to try this expert claimed he could fix our wrong colors...okay, your the expert make them grey NOT blue! He swore they would be more brown when he was done there would be NO blue tint whatsoever! We take it home, after driving everywhere to get it, and guess how it looks????

This stupid....ridiculous...infuriating...color is more blue than the first two!!!!! This color is....oh my god, I just want a grey paint for a GIRLS shabby chic nursery! Why is this so hard?!?!?! $150 bucks later and I have 4 gallons of paint I can't use!

So, I took last night to simmer down and searched the fabulous World Wide Web for some help...wouldn't you know...apparently I'm not the only pregnant woman who is having this problem, thank you Jesus! I found another blogging mama who just had this very same problem, she was at her wits end when she found the name of a grey that someone actually used in a nursery...Mushroom was the name and it had to be special ordered. She ordered a sample and then used that to color match at Sherwin Williams. She was kind enough to post the formula on her blog! Thank you so very much! I took the formula and went to Sherwin Williams to get a replica cost an arm and a leg but I was desperate.

I took it home and got a tad worried when I opened the can and saw taupe but I painted a small spot and waited for it to dry!

Jonathan and I held our breath when we went back into the room to see how it looked....we have a winner people! It matches my inspiration bunny perfectly! Our grey nightmare is over! Jonathan will now tackle the whole room on Tuesday!

I have also started antiquing the furniture so the work is underway...

Hi-Ho Silver grey color.

Grey #2 over top of grey #1.

Grey #3 that Benjamin Moore supposedly fixed.

Finally the great Mushroom color next to the awful Grey #3.

As you can see it is actually grey as opposed to the blue below it!

Antiquing the dresser...easy and makes it look so much better.

Adding some more wear and tear!

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  1. LOL I wouldn't have thought it would be so hard to find GRAY for goodness sake!