Friday, January 18, 2013

Baby Girl Update

My last appointment went well, just a quick in and out...the tedious appointments don't start til next month, ugh! Dr. Morris just listened to her little heart and said everything sounded good and strong at 150 bpm. I get to have that fabulous glucose drink and blood test on the 30th of this month. I don't know why everyone makes such a big deal of can down a coke in 5 minutes or a beer or glass of wine but you can't manage a sugary drink? It's not that bad, the fasting is the harder part, at least for me. Not being able to drink for two hours is going to leave me parched...then I have to pee in a cup...kinda contradictory!

Dr. Morris did inform us (why we are learning this at 25 weeks, idk) that the previous two ultrasounds showed that I have a Low-Lying Placenta. I had to ask what the heck that meant...but apparently the placenta generally attaches itself to the top of the uterus during fertilization (such a wonderful word isn't it?) however, it can in some instances attach on the side or bottom. If it is on the bottom it is called Low-Lying Placenta during early pregnancy. What they hope, is that as the baby grows, the placenta will shift and move more to the side instead of the bottom. If that happens then you are good to go, however if the placenta decides to stay put and not move as the baby grows, it becomes Placenta Previa. According to our doctor, at my 18 week ultrasound it was still stubbornly staying put on the bottom of my uterus, my luck!

There are three types of Placenta Previa, slight, partial and complete (those are not the exact names but that is what they mean when you take the fancy medical terminology out of it), we will have another ultrasound around 30 weeks to determine if it has shifted to the side or, if not, which type of Placenta Previa we will have to deal with.

So, what does that mean....after some research, it means we are hoping for it to shift to the side just so we don't have to deal with any complications this time around! However, if it does not, a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) is impossible. It just affirms that I am meant to have every one of my children cut out of me...we were already planning on a scheduled c-section. After what happened with Sebastian, I am not willing to let chance determine the fate of my child to avoid recovering from a surgery. We almost lost Sebastian because of some unknown medical reason he would not progress past 7 cm, 5 minutes of resuscitation should be enough to make any Mama ALWAYS elect for the safer method...not that a c-section is always safer but for us it is. I can't tell you how much criticism we have gotten and still get for not being more open to VBAC and doing things the natural way. Don't judge until you have been through it, I would have loved to pushed that baby out and been up and jogging a day later but it wasn't physically possible. Instead, I can say I survived an emergency c-section, 2 epidurals, 2 blood patches, a blood transfusion and not meeting my son for days after delivery. C-sections are not the devil...they are modern medicine at its finest.

Placenta Previa, especially complete Placenta Previa causes substantial and life threatening blood loss during delivery, most mothers and babies do not survive a vaginal birth. We will be electing for the c-section so we should be good, we just have to have quick actions if I go into labor prior to our scheduled c-section. We are hoping this little girl stays in there longer than Sebastian did. Emergency c-sections are just not as exciting as a smooth welcome to the world party!

25 weeks 3 days
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So...the glucose drink is next on the medical agenda and then the fabulous shot for having negative blood type, followed by another ultrasound. I was so thrilled with our 3D/4D ultrasound that I took their advice and scheduled another one for 32 weeks so I am really looking forward to that one on March 2nd!

The nursery is coming along quite nicely now that we have tackled the wall color...I will take pictures tonight and post about all the pretty things we have finished :)

I hope every one of my fabulous blogger and facebook readers are having a great Friday and enjoys the long weekend as we celebrate MLK day!

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