Monday, January 14, 2013

15 Months Old and More Fun Then Ever

I enjoyed the cuteness and sweetness of my cuddly little infant, but I love seeing the awe and wonder of my 15 month old figuring out life. He is so hilarious and does something new and exciting everyday, it is such an adventure being his Mama!

Three days before going into labor

Only a few weeks old
Sebastian is 15 months old today, January 14, 2013...and acts more than twice his age. It's hard raising a little super genius, the prediction is that he will be an engineer or scientist because he is not content unless he figures out how EVERYTHING works. We have a gazillion toys in his playroom but once he figures out how to take one apart or exactly how to make it becomes boring and is ready to trade in. He is fascinated with plastic food, kitchenware, tools, vacuum cleaners, and all things electronic right now. We literally had a twenty minute crying session tonight because he knows where we keep the vacuum cleaner and is upset he cannot play with it. His toy Dyson vacuum cleaner ,which actually sucks and cleans, is not as cool as Daddy's vacuum.

He knows where his nose, eyes, mouth, ears and belly are located and will find his and yours if you ask him! He knows what a dog says and will copy what a lion says if you say it first. Ball, Dada, Mama, No and Yea are in his vocabulary. He knows EXACTLY what you are saying...even if I say something I think is completely over his head, he will do exactly what I say or respond just perfectly. I told him the other day not to touch the screwdriver and to take the hammer to Daddy and that child side stepped the screwdriver and took the hammer straight to his Daddy. He enjoys tickling now and will tickle Daddy's toes all the time!

Five months
Sebastian is a natural daredevil and enjoys climbing everything...during the painting escapade we had a small and large ladder in the nursery and he mastered climbing up both of them, with no falls. We have a small slide in his playroom and we have been showing him how to climb up the back and slide down he front for the last 6 months but he still prefers to climb up the front. The staircase has become a game...."Don't you dare!" is a challenge. He has the most hilarious laugh when I am chasing him up the stairs.

Since he STILL hates to have his diaper changed or his body clothed, I have tried to blow raspberries to turn his mood BUT he could care less! He has been watching though...he doesn't like getting raspberries blow on his tummy but he loves blowing raspberries on mommy's overly large tummy. He surprised both Jonathan and I the other night when he saw me lying on the floor in the playroom and came up...pulled up my shirt and blew the most perfect raspberry on my tummy. Of course, Jonathan started laughing so he thought he was the bees knees and continued for quite some time.

He has the funniest faces and is the pickiest eater in the world...he spits ice cream back out people! Where he gets all that chunk from is a mystery to me cause I cannot get him to stick any type of food in his mouth.

He had his first real bad sickness this past week. Croup and sinus infection...but would you believe he still did not have a fever or ear infection. It is so sad to see him sick, he is fine one minute then desperate the next. He was doing okay on Tuesday then all the sudden on Wednesday mid-morning he was coughing up a storm and looking miserable. I immediately made him an appointment, got in that day and doc said it was probably a sinus infection and started him on an antibiotic. We had quite the miserable night following a long day...he was struggling to breathe all night. His nose was stuffed up and he had a terrible croupy cough where he was gasping for air. Jonathan slept in an upright position with Sebastian on his chest the whole night. By 5am we decided to put him in a shower to help with the cough so they sat in the shower til 7am. He had definitely taken a turn for the worse by the time I got to work so I was planning on taking him to the ER but I was able to get an appointment at the pediatrician again that morning. Doc said it was most definitely fast progressing Croup and started him on fun at all, especially when he tells you to monitor his breathing and listen for intake breaths to be sure he is clearing air. Thankfully, he is doing much, much better since completing his steroid regime and he is still taking his antibiotic...a much happier baby than last week. He acts so big all the time and then you see him sick and realize just how small he still is, he is still a baby!

On a happier note and even after a two pound weight loss, we are having to move up in clothing size. No more 12 months at all and the 18 months are tight...we are having to get 18-24 months sizes. He looks so dapper in dress up clothes, we try to keep his attire dressy when we go to work (gotta follow the dress code) but also gives me a reason to buy him cute little man clothes!

All in all, these past 15 months have been amazing...filled with adorable slobbery kisses, little giggles, tight hugs, scary nighttime sicknesses, a few breakdowns, lots of smiles and more firsts than can be counted. He is the most lovable baby boy in the world and I hate missing one single moment with him!

We love you Sebastian, happy 15 months!!!

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