Saturday, February 2, 2013

It's been a little while...

My lack of posting does not mean I have nothing worthy of writing about, it usually means quite the opposite. Work has been non-stop, somehow (which no Microsoft genius can accurately explain) our company website was permanently deleted without notice. So I have been reconstructing years worth of information from scratch. I did however, accomplish this massive feat in a week...very happy about that.

Sebastian has been as busy as ever, it is so cute to watch him figure things out...he knows he can't go outside til he puts his shoes on, when he comes inside he is allowed to take off his jacket, he has figured out the difference between shower and bath and is getting better at no vs. yes, cat and dog are his new words but they are definitely in his little language. I am pretty sure he has an unhealthy obsession with all cleaning items. He can spot a vacuum, mop, broom and duster from miles away. He has a new tantrum that consists of a really pathetic cry followed by a complete melt down and crumble onto the floor. He will roll around for a min or two until he realizes no one cares and then moves on. He is getting really good at giving REAL kisses. I laid on the floor the other day to play and he came right over and planted a big slobbery kiss on my lips, so sweet. He usually tilts his forehead  to you when you ask for a kiss but lately he will give mommy and daddy real it!

The weather here has been nutty, one day its beautiful and 70 degrees and the next its windy and 30, absurd!  We are trying to finish up the new nursery...I just have the crib to antique and few things left to sew for the bedding. We are almost done with the crib skirt and just have the curtains and diaper stacker left after that. There are a few things to put up on the walls but it is really looking very Shabby Chic! She is spoiled already!

I had another routine doctor appointments on the 30th, her little heart is beating away, she also kicked through the entire heart listening process. Sebastian found it fascinating. I had to have a series of needle sticks, ugh! The rhogam shot is always miserable but a necessity. I also had the glucose testing which I found out the following day, I did not pass. I think it was just a bad test cause I don't have any of the symptoms or signs of gest. diabetes...but it does mean another round of testing next week. We also have scheduled another ultrasound for 30-31 weeks to check on the placenta.

Well, there is a quick update on life in our nest!

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