Sunday, December 30, 2012

Shabby Chic Nursery Update

I have found a few pieces of inspiration for our baby girl's nursery. They all seemed to follow the same trend so I have now decided she will have a Shabby Chic style room to be pampered in!

Inspiration #1

Inspiration #2
Inspiration #3 (headband, dress and pearls)
As I mentioned in previous posts...the furniture has been purchased and we did pick it up just before Christmas. We did not get it all set up but did get it out of the boxes! We plan on, with the help of my artist Mama, antiquing the much-to-white finish so it has more of a shabby chic look and feel to it!

Still in the box and YES, it is Disney!

Crib boxed

Most incredibly comfortable glider/rocker ever.

Out of the box and ready to be antiqued.
Once I figured out that I did want to go with that particular theme, I needed to decide on can pretty much make any colors work here but I wanted it to really be pampering and classy so we went with a pale pink, gray and ivory.

Now, being the overly ambitious person that I am, I did not want to fork up the $300+ bucks for stylish crib bedding and then even more for window coverings...sooooo, I decided to make my own. I sewed a few things for Sebastian's nursery but making nursery bedding and drapes is way more involved BUT I am up for the challenge. Off to the HUGE fabric store we went (Mama and I) to find the perfect combination of patterns, colors and textures. Now, I did end up spending over a hundred dollars on fabrics BUT that was for a crib bumper, comforter, diaper stacker, bed skirt, patterns and drapes!

The pink and ivory in the middle if the main color and fabric choice.
I LOVE what we were able to find...the combination of patterns and colors are perfect for what I envisioned.

Next, we were off to Lowes for paint! Having chosen quite a bit pink and knowing that most of the accessories would be pink...we decided to go with the gray on the walls. The cream coloring will be big on the crib, dresser and recliner.

We went with "Hi-Ho Silver" which just happened to match the fabric perfectly!
I think it is coming along rather nicely! Especially for starting so incredibly late...Jonathan is planning on tackling the painting tomorrow and Tuesday...then the furniture will be next.

3-D Baby Girl Ultrasound video and pictures along with Christmas celebration blogging coming soon...

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  1. My friend just made some baby bedding for her daughter and oh my word, that's a job! Good luck!