Sunday, January 1, 2012

An Unforgetable Year in Pictures

J & K's Happily Ever After

Our first snow day of the year!

Getting all of the wedding pictures printed and up on the walls.

Easter Egg hunting with the nieces.

Snowshoe Mountain Ski trip.

Telling Jonathan he was going to be a Daddy! February 2011

4 1/2 weeks pregnant.

Camping trip with the boys.

18 weeks pregnant. IT'S A BOY!

Lake James summer trip.

Baby Shower.

Belize family vacation, what an adventure that was.

Ricky and Brandi's wedding.

33 weeks pregnant.
Going into labor at 37 weeks...very unexpected and scary delivery that caused in lots of breath taking moments but resulted in a beautiful baby boy! Jonathan meeting him for the first time!
Sebastian Henri Dean

Jaundice lasted unusually long!

Coming home!

First bath at home!

Sebastian's first modeling gig!

First family picture!

1st Halloween.

Sebastian's baptism.
Becoming a little boy...8 weeks
1st Thanksgiving!

1st Christmas...decorating the tree.
1st concert...Transyberian Orchestra.
Decorating for Christmas!
Family visit.
All dressed up for Christmas Mass.
Christmas Party at our house.
Christmas Day!

We had an incredible year...2012 is going to be even better!!!

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