Saturday, January 14, 2012

Passport Caios and 3 Day Weekend!

So, we have to get Sebastian a passport if we want to join the rest of the family on a cruise this May. It turns out that getting a 3 month old a passport is not an easy task, but...I got all the necessary documents, my husband and the little tyke and headed down to the post office. We were very surprised to find a line stretching around the counter with a fabulous sign at the rear displaying in big bold text, "NO MORE PASSPORTS TODAY". This really upset me seeing as finding a time before 3:30pm (when the supposed passport counter closes) when both Jonathan and I could go down there together, is rather difficult. I was able to get off work and go well before 3:30 only to find that damn sign. So, no passport for the little guy yet, I am left to make an appointment, on Tuesday, to go back again.

I was also thrilled this weekend to receive a letter from the hospital I delivered at, asking for help fighting my insurance company. I do not have cheap insurance, nor is it the small company...I have Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC, the best in the state....So, why am I having to fight them to cover my son's delivery? Maternity is a part of my package! The hospital even wrote them a long letter describing in depth, the state of my son when he was born. It was very difficult to read in depth details of my son being resuscitated after birth. According to my insurance company though, they are denying coverage because the hospital did not seek authorization for my EMERGENCY c-section before performing it. I am not sure what dream world BCBS is living in, last time I checked there was no way to predict going into labor or needing an emergency c-section or knowing your son would be born non-responsive! So, I will be fighting them on Tuesday as well.

On a happy note, I am really enjoying sleeping in just a tad during this long holiday weekend! Sebastian was kind enough to fall back asleep after his 6am feeding and snuggle with me til 9am!
I also was able to go with Katelynn to find her a wedding dress! We were very successful and found a gorgeous one...and in the right size!

The little guy in his swing!

Sitting up on Daddy's Lap!

We can usually get about ten minutes of tummy time if he's sitting up on Daddy's lap.
He has taken a little interest in his play mat.

Happy MLK Weekend!!!

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  1. I just cannot get over how much hair that child has! It is such a gorgeous color!!!

    Good luck with the insurance... Oh their rules are so STUPID sometimes...