Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Growing like a WEED!

It feels like I just had my son and he already has grown so much! We had to make some adjustments this week...for a baby who stayed in newborn diapers and clothes for 8 weeks, he has skyrocketed this last month. He went from newborn and sailed right through size one and straight into size two diapers! We are trying to use up the last few size ones left, his little thighs just bulge right out of those.

Also...we had to adjust his car seat since he has gotten so tall!
The comfy body supporter had to go! We did keep the head supporter since Sebastian's head control is not super great yet.

He was cheese'n at Daddy!

He literally went from being too small for all of his clothes to now being too big...IN A WEEK!!!

He looks so cute in overalls!


He will usually stay happy in his swing for a little bit!

We also decided to break out our Bumbo...after I read online that some people started using theirs when their babies were only 4 weeks old...I thought perhaps my little man would enjoy his now that he is 12 weeks old......


After we re-assessed the situation and tried again while distracting him completely...we were able to get a straight face look...but it only lasted about 5 seconds!

Jonathan has been convinced that our child does not have strawberry blonde hair...however...when the light is JUST right, it looks very strawberry :) It also can look VERY blonde in some pictures to SO it just depends on his mood I guess.

 Those blue eyes are to die for :)

Well that's all the pictures I have for now but with how quickly this little guy is growing...I am sure I will have more soon!

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  1. Omg Sam was the same way with the bumbo at first. We didn't push it, but when we tried again later, he was ready to sit up and see the world!

    He's getting so big, and I was thinking his hair definitely looks redder than Sam's!